Danielle de la Mar & Matrix 3.0[?]

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« on: <10-20-15/0756:17> »
Just been re-reading Data Trails (now getting into Chrome Flesh ;D ) and . . .

Is it possible that Danielle de la Mar is a head case? & the new Matrix protocols are intended to be easier for her and others like her to use, at the expense of everybody else? Granted, she had next-to-nothing to do with the design - just with the Foundation there almost seems to be an underlying secret pass-code for those in the know.  GOD seems to have problems operating as well.

(I would have put this in the 'wild speculation thread but that's apparently been dormant for significantly long.)


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« Reply #1 on: <10-20-15/0820:00> »
I would actually go with no.

My reason is to me Foundation nearly smacks of chaining up some meta-AI and harvesting parts of it to build the current Matrix from.
I know they have not stated it as that, but then again they clearly do not know exactly what they have either.

As a head case I would think she would want to get well clear of this because sooner or later it is going to 'awaken' and probably is not going to be any happier with it's tenders than most headcases felt about the corps that spawned them or if not gain consciousness, evolve into something else.

But then again, maybe that is her goal, to keep dumping all the world's bits and bytes into it until hits that level, maybe even creating a true virtual 'universe' for the AI community to live in or having it bleed over where all biologicals are just organic receptacles for the Headcases to sleeve into when they want. 
Let's just hope Ms de la Mar and Pax never have a girls night out together......

What should be of more immediate concern to those of us in the shadows is she is pushing for an updated SIN system in the Hard Targets sourcebook. 
No rules, just fluff right now- but if it goes into effect it will definitely shake up our current SIN system as we know it and make fake SINs nearly obsolete, or at least have a much higher turnover rate of burning the fake, without some serious adjustments by the good folk who make these for us.
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« Reply #2 on: <10-20-15/1740:12> »
I'd also say no. The AI chapter of data trails repeatedly notes how hostile the new matrix it's for them. It seems unlikely a head case would advocate for something like that.


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« Reply #3 on: <01-25-16/1432:44> »
My assumption was always that she's a faded otaku, who found a resonance trick and taught a bunch of other faded otaku to build hosts.