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Title: /dev/grrl's parents
Post by: cyclopean on <01-22-16/2133:56>
Any word from Boston on if they survived or not? She's looking for info in Lockdown, as they are NeoNET citizens and presumably in the HQ, but I haven't spotted anything since.
Title: Re: /dev/grrl's parents
Post by: Mirikon on <01-22-16/2224:12>
There hasn't been any more info on Boston since Lockdown. This is the same as with the Arcology Shutdown back in the day. Renraku Arcology - Shutdown has a copyright of 1998, and Brainscan has a copyright of 2000. That's a two year gap between info on the situation inside the Arcology. It hasn't been that long since Lockdown came out.
Title: Re: /dev/grrl's parents
Post by: cyclopean on <01-23-16/1531:09>
There's been a bit of info in Rigger 5/Chrome Flesh/Hard Targets (especially), just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed anything. Got some runners looking to get in good with Jackpointers so they're looking into her parents while they're in the QZ. Thanks!