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[6E] Dome Sweet Home IC

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Omen slowed down and reversed to pick up the apparently less severely injured ganger.
<<I've got one of them. We could get out of here and interrogate her to get some answers - would need some patching up though.>>

<<Sounds like a good plan to me.  I could use some patching too for that matter.  And we scout with drones before going in next time, if they are expanding they'll have too much perimeter to watch everything in detail.>>

> Solid copy; you interrogate the ganger, I'll covertly gather intelligence.

Viktor ordered the Horizon Flying Eye to return to the van for safekeeping, and simultaneously monitored the drone feeds and dug into the commlink he'd obtained access to. Almost as an afterthought, he slipped a piece of custom code into the communications sub-system of the device in order to better listen in on future calls. *1

*1 Snoop (Cracking + Logic vs Logic + Firewall): 15d6t5 2 4d6t5 0

Tipperman was happy to put his Flying Eye back into its pocket.  It was too useful not to use, but he liked it too much to be happy about risking it.  He couldn't help think "I'm too sentimental, that sort of soft spot will get a chummer killed."  Of course the only reason he cared about living or dying anymore was that he wanted to take care of a few things he was sentimental about, so ...

<<We should probably fully clear the ambush site before we get down to interrogating and patching.  Never know what they could have dropped that might tell us something, and if they dropped any guns or ammo I'd rather they don't get to go back to pick them up.>>

<<Aye, will do so. And while I'm at it, I'm scooping up the second one too. Never know what incentives we have to use to make a ganger talk. Providing medical aid to that one might give us an edge on that.>>
With that, he stopped again, scooped up the even worse hurt ganger and applied a medkit to him to stabilize his vitals.
After that it was a straight u-turn back to base.


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