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Yah, his essence makes healing a hassle :-/ 

Oh, and I'd forgotten about his Platelet whachamacallits, that redue damage by a box, so he only took 4 hits in the end.  We can see if magic will get more favorable dice.

Does anyone have the updated core rulebook? I only have the physical book that I got cheap off ebay, so I don't have errata for Medkit healing yet.

I do know that Medkit healing heals one box of stun, physical, or overflow per net hit as opposed to the 2:1 ratio of physical and overflow for First Aid, so that helps too.

Are we moving this forward at all? 0day can't offer much insight in interrogating suspects, other than possibly Judge Intentions with a dice pool of 13.

Sorry, been distracted :P  Happy to nurse this along if hearts are still in it??

In case anyone missed it Iíve relocated the IC thread!


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