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Alright, let's do this:

Bare bones Adept: Keith "Omen" Jones

Omen      50   
Meta:   Ork (9)   C   
Attributes   24   A   
Skills   24   B   
Magic   Mys Adept   D   
Money   8000   E   
BODY   7      
AGILITY   5      
REACTION   5      
STRENGTH   3      
CHARISMA   2   (10 Karma)   
INTUITION   6      
LOGIC   3      
WILLPOWER   5      
EDGE   3      
MAGIC   6   (25 Karma)   
ESSENCE   6      
Initiative   11      
Athletics   5      
Close Combat   3      
Stealth   5      
Firearms,    6   Assault Rifle   (5 Karma)
Perception,   3      
Piloting   1
Influence 1      
Mentor Spirit      10   
Quick Healer      8   
Honorbound (Pirate)      -10   
Sinner      -8   
Equipment   28000      
Defiance Super Shock   -340      
AK-97   -2100      
 +Smartgun   -500      
 +Shockpad   -50      
 +Imaging Scope   -350      
10x Stun Grenade   -1000      
Lined Coat   -900      
Commlink R3   -1000      
Trodes   -70      
Fake Sin 3   -7500      
Glasses   -400      
 +Ultrasound   -300      
 +Smartlink   -2000      
 +Flare Compensation   -250      
Miniwelder   -250      
Rappeling Gloves   -50      
Survival Kit   -200      
Microwire   -50      
5 Spare Clips   -25      
40 Taser Rounds   -40      
190 Explosive Rifle Rounds   -380      
Micro-Transceiver   -100      
Yamaha Growler   -8000      
Lifestyle Low   -2000      
Adept Powers:         
Attribute Boost BOD   0,25      
Attribute Boost Agi   0,25      
Combat Sense   0,5      
Improved Reflexes 4   4      
Rapid Healing (Bear)         

Well I'm in but need to get rolling dice, brb

@Jack_Spade: you appear to have too many skills at 6! Max 1 at char gen. Other than that Iím happy to add the house rule that adepts get power points from adjustment points!

Question: how do you want to handle skill specializations for Cracking (Hacking) and Electronics (Computers); most skills like firearms and close combat have simple specializations that apply in very defined ways, but Matrix ones, not so much.

I could take Devices as a specialization for both, and have the bonus apply like a firearm; anytime I target a device, which does not include hosts, files, and personas, the spec would apply.

Alternatively, we would have to specify which actions count as hacking actions and which do not, and same for Electronics.
EDIT: I did post about this previously in this topic, and got some feedback from Banshee on it, so this is an alternate approach.


EDIT: I joined Obsidian Portal with the ZeroSum user name and sent you a friend request. Couldn't find a way to ask to join the 2075: Stormy Waters campaign other than "Become a Fan", though.

EDIT 2: No idea if this is useful, but I was bored. So here's an Archetype style mockup of the character:

I've invited you to the OP page so you should just be able to follow the link from an email...

I'll look at the thread on specializations again, particularly Banshee's comments as he/she wrote the matrix chapter!  But devices would be a fairly safe bet for this run anyway if that's a simple shortcut  ::)


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