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Been underground for a while gang, missed out on a few discussions, and I'm trying to do some catch up while I get my legs back under me. One thing that I see, here or there, is some scoffing about the priority table for 6E.

I wanted to open the floor a bit and talk about it or, rather, LISTEN about it. What you liked, what you don't like, and so on. I'm looking for feedback if possible, not just "It sucks, I hate it, nyeah!" but WHY you think it doesn't work right. Where are the flaws? What *are* the flaws? It's kind of the central aspect of the whole kit n kaboodle of making characters and if it stumbles, everything stumbles.

So, what does it need help on? What does it do well? Does it make starting characters that are too strong? Not strong enough? Encourage too much min-maxing?

This one's a big one, it may drift a bit, but I'd like to see, now that we're away from the initial release a bit, what you've found about it.

The floor is yours.

Michael Chandra:
I mostly like Priority in SR5 and SR6, because yes you can min-max, but it's far less choice paralysis. That said, some priorities are underpowered to me.

Take Metatype A/B, especially Metatype A (Attributes A would almost always be better, unless you're going super-low in Attributes but high in Metatype due to Edge+Magic/Resonance). These only give a small gain compared to their previous level, while with Attributes/Skills/Resources C->B->A goes up real big.

With Magic, the 'no learning extra spells in chargen' rule is why Mage is so limited in its increase and still be tempting, but I think it needs a boost. I'd consider '+X karma that is allowed to be used for binding Foci and learning formulae' to give Magic priority more of a boost there, since right now only Mystics would really be pressured for a higher Priority, Casters tend to just limit their spells.

Meanwhile, for Adepts I honestly see no reason why anyone would ever go above D with Magic, since they can use their Metatype for more Magic and Power Points instead. So Adepts would need a significant buff. And again, with Magic there's no significant buff in the highest ranks. So honestly I believe there should be a larger buff there, adding extra benefits would have helped there.

(The most interesting houserule I read for Priority is making Spirit Formulae also a Formula you need to learn, giving even Aspected Summoners priority-value and strongly encouraging Summon+Spellcast builds to go higher Magic-wise so they start the game with a nice list of available Spirits AND Spells.)

When would you take something other than Attributes A?

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
The problem of "why would you NOT take Attributes A?" is fairly self-evident, I think.  Related to it (especially at the low Attribute pick levels one could ostensibly select) is the problem of too few SAPs coming from Race, as compared to Attributes.

Look at any two iterations of Race and Attributes picks.  Whenever Race is the higher pick of the two, you have less total Attribute points + SAPs. That's ass-backwards.

For example: B & C picks.  When attributes is B, you get 16 points for attributes, and 9 SAPs.  When race is B, you get  12 points for attributes but 11 points for SAPs.  Yeah, you get "more" SAPs, but remember they both go towards the same thing: Attributes.  Attribs B + Race C gives 25 "attribute points".  Race B + Attribs C gives 23... AND a bigger proportion (almost half!) of those points are restricted in how you can spend them!    This makes a double whammy on the Attributes priority pick... so long as SAPs don't potentially generate more "total attribute points" than a lower Attribute pick, it's a mechanical trap to EVER take Race higher than Attributes.

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
Another problem I see is in the Magic pick:  there's too little incentive to pick high.  Unless you're a MysAd, there's no reason at all really to ever go Magic A.  So long as you're not allowed to buy spells during chargen, that establishes a reason for anyone else to ever go higher than D, but not a very strong one since spells are so cheap... just buy them post-chargen rather than picking high magic, amirite?

I'd love to see the number of types of spirits/sprites you have access to tied to the priority pick.  That doesn't do anything for aspected Enchanters/Sorcerers, but it DOES actually give reason for aspected Conjurers to invest in Magic since they literally have no reason to go higher than D as-is.  And frankly, Enchanters/Sorcerers seem to be so few and far between, the "you can't buy spells in chargen" dyamic is all the reason they'll ever need to invest in more spells/higher magic pick.


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