Panther - Physical Adept Missions build Non Lolsy.

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Panther  -- as in she hits like a Panther Cannon.

Metatype   B   Cyclops 11
Attributes   A   24 Points
Skills   E   10 Points
Magic   D   1 PP Adept
Resources   C   150,000

S   3
A   5(9)
R   5 ( 8 )
B   7
I   5
L   3
C   4
W   3
Edge 4
Magic 4
Essence 4
Nuyen 1643


Built Tough 4
Phobia Snakes
Incompetent Firearms
Impaired Logic
Mentor Spirit Thunderbird
Honor bound Pirate Code
Cyclopean Eye
Thermographic vision


Close Combat (Unarmed)    6
Influence                            1
Athletics (Archery)            4
Stealth (Sneak)             1
Con                                    1
Perception                            1
Engineering (Lockpicking)    1

Knowledge Skills
K Pop
Clubs and Bars
Metahuman Activist Organizations
Metahuman History
Seattle Politics

Martial Arts
Sangre y Acero
Kick Attack
Flying Kick

Adept Powers
Increased Reflexes 3
Killing Hands
Wall Running
Critical Strike 1 (Thunderbird)

Augment                Rating
Used Muscle Toner            4
Alpha Platelet factory            1
Alpha Bone aug                    4


Miles, Renton City Council member 4/4
Chad, Metahuman Rights Organizer 4/4
Kay, Smuggler 4/4


Fake SIN 3
Nissan Jackrabit
Ace of Cups Longcoat
Programmable Camo (2), Gear Access
1 month Low Life
Rating 3 License: Drivers, Adept, Foci, Crossbow

Image link

Steel Falcon Crossbow
Injector bolts 4
Narcoject 4 does

Character Background
Panther is an absolutely adorkable little Cyclops at a little short of 8 feet tall and 635 lbs.  She is a young, sinless, political activist that fell into Shadowrunning by accident just a few months ago.  She was part of a "Direct Action" team that happened to bring in an "Outside Consultant".  A little B&E, a little scuffle, and Panther showed some promise.  The Shadowrunner they hired made an introduction to a fixer, and Panther has been picking up jobs since.   

Under the hood this is almost the exact same build as Smoke.  But without the Stolen Gear quality Panther is 14 skill points behind which shows up in the secondary dice pools.  Panther is what I consider a good build, but would be better with Stolen Gear cheese.  Backstory needs some more meat on its bones.  Family and such.  But geeky metahuman rights activist is a nice hook and sells the basic character idea real well. 
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Shinobi Killfist

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« Reply #1 on: <08-15-20/2238:16> »
You may say its non lolsy but the image of a cyclops doing a flying kick made me laugh. I like it, pretty standard unarmed adept build given how effective bio/adepts are.


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A 6 Essence Adept would have 2 more Power Points, so that's +2 Agility.  And then would have 10 more Skill points from shuffling priorities around.  And I'd probably go with a Weapon using Adept, pick up a Weapon Foci down the road instead of Killing Hands for another .5 PP and less Martial Arts. 

The E Resources and no Stolen Gear Adept winds up with a more robust secondary at the cost of the 'ware.  Overall the 'ware is a better deal, but it's not an overwhelming difference.  I'll put up a comparison in a bit.


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« Reply #3 on: <06-25-21/1227:10> »
Would you make any updates to this build now that Street Wyrd is out or any updates based on game play experience?

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I also had the same question.

I was also wondering about Edge use for Close Combatants. Do you rinse-and-repeat Knockout Blow for 2 Edge or is that redundant when you're doing 8+ DV with flying kicks?


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For a Burn Out adept, the Way of the Burn out would be a high priority.  Probably would grab that with the first initiation.  Reduce Edge costs by 1 three times per scene for 11 Karma or so?  Easy pick.  But really Combat is a solved problem out of the gate for this build, there really isn't much need for more dice/dv/whatever so the character is free to pursue whatever secondary they'd like. 

I'd probably pick up Increase Mental Attribute as the second Initiation power for whichever attribute I'm using the most frequently to trigger the Edge reduction from Way of the Burn out. 

The only changes I'd suggest is if someone wants a different Metatype or stronger secondary or has some playstyle tweaks they'd want to make.

And yes, 8 DV kicks means KO Blow is often redundant. But if you're going up against something with a lot of boxes, KO Blow would probably be the way to go.


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Quote from: Tarislar
ArmTech MGL-12: Nothing says love like a 3 round burst of HE Grenade to hit something for 32P
Nuff said.  :-X