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Title: Longterm training question
Post by: Sigfred on <05-27-19/1834:08>
Hey guys,

So I was going through the forums and saw something that has me a little concerned and never noticed this before. I read that during mission play the most time that you can take off between jobs is 1 month. That way you can keep your name on the street and keep your cred going.

This leads to my question of what about long term training that will take over 1 month to perform. I will give an example.

If a mage intends to initiate multiple times (not talking in a row but lets say 1 or 2 missions then initiate, 1 or 2 missions then initiate 2 rinse and repeat some more) what happens when you have to take the second month to buy the hits to initiate? This leads to one of three outcomes I can see.

1) This is an exception due to the nature of initiation.
2) All initiations only take 1 month
3) You can not initiate if it will occur more time then 1 month.
4) This was just a old rule I saw that is no longer in effect.

I really hope it is not the third option as this would a major nerf to mages and adepts in missions play. But this applies to any training that will take over 1 month. Any help or knowledge would be appreciated when it comes to this. Thank you all in advance.

Keep your head down kid,
Title: Re: Longterm training question
Post by: Medtec28 on <05-27-19/1857:17>
I think this is incorrect, at least based on my reading of the FAQ. Page 25 under missions calender.

“With the changes taking place in Chicago, finding somewhere to sleep for free has become problematic. Warlords, gangs, “landlords”, and the corps ensure a price must be paid to sleep safely. In Neo-Tokyo, all space comes at a premium and even settling in sub-Tokyo has associated costs. Therefore, the minimum lifestyle a character must take in Missions is a Squatter lifestyle. The other side to this, is that a character may now spend as much time between Missions as he/she desires, so long as he/she keeps up with the payments!”

That im0lies to me that you can keep initiating until your dice run out, as long as you make lifestyle payments.
Title: Re: Longterm training question
Post by: Stainless Steel Devil Rat on <05-27-19/1906:53>
see also pg 27:

"How do I raise skills or attributes, learn new spells, or otherwise advance my character between adventures?
Use the Character Advancement rules (SR5, pgs. 103-107) as normal. Any week spent on a Shadowrun
interrupts your training, but you can resume where you left off. If you spend more than three weeks without resuming
your training, you lose any progress made and must start from the beginning."
Title: Re: Longterm training question
Post by: Kiirnodel on <05-27-19/1928:29>
Also, don't forget that since you have to buy hits on downtime activity you will always know exactly how long that initiation will take. But yeah, that means unless you have a really crazy high Arcana dice pool you are probably taking at least 2 months for the third or fourth initiation.
Title: Re: Longterm training question
Post by: Sigfred on <05-27-19/2232:23>
@Kiimodel Oh I know about the buying hits that's why I know the month count can shoot up very very quickly thus the original portion of the question.

But here is my follow up...
Medtec makes it sound as if I can spend the (lets assume 2 months needed for next level) back to back before taking next run as long as the lifestyle is paid for.

And Stainless pointed out you can take a break from training as long as you return to it within 3 weeks or progress is lost.

So as I questioned before is the 1 month max between jobs a solid thing still or can you just do the two months strait (once again assuming you have the lifestyle paid for the time.)

Of course I can see benefit to both and downside to both. I just mainly was seeking to see if the hard 1 month downtime max between jobs was still a solid thing or if that was just old hat.

Thanks again
Title: Re: Longterm training question
Post by: Stainless Steel Devil Rat on <05-27-19/2239:16>
You can take 6 months off between Shadowrun, 12 months off, however long you want and can afford.

SRM doesn't establish a minimum ops tempo, just a minimum lifestyle.
Title: Re: Longterm training question
Post by: Kiirnodel on <05-27-19/2251:07>
To clarify, there used to be a maximum downtime between missions. I forget when it was changed exactly, but they altered the downtime restrictions to a minimum lifestyle level rather than a maximum you can spend at once.

However, you are still allowed to split up your training time with missions should you so choose, with that restriction of you need to get back to training within 3 weeks.
Title: Re: Longterm training question
Post by: Sigfred on <05-27-19/2357:25>
Awesome that answers it. Yeah I was just going through the forum and saw the 1 month max and was like... shit have I been ignoring that rule all this time? I am glad that is not the case anymore.

Keep being awesome!