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Title: Anarchy Amongst Players
Post by: Angel_Heart on <09-04-18/2109:26>
I have some players who are often some real dicks to one another, thus (mostly for my amusement - and partially theirs) I was thinking of adapting some of SR: Anarchy's Cue system into my 5th Ed. campaign. However I've never seen the book nor know anything about the Valiant Narrative System that it evolved from.

Before I go and buy the SR: Anarchy book, what's your guys' take on the Anarchy system's Cue and Storytelling mechanics? Would I be wasting my hard earned money on purchasing it?

(Mainly I'll be running the stories as I see fit, however, to mix it up once in awhile, mostly via random events, I'd interject the Cue mechanics where the players begin to determine the outcome and I simply control the NPCs. This way they don't get too used to my style of running as a GM, and instead of my games eventually becoming predictable to the more observant, the randomness and potential chaos will help keep everything more edgy and thus exciting for my payers.)
Title: Re: Anarchy Amongst Players
Post by: Tecumseh on <09-05-18/1838:10>
The Anarchy PDF is $15 so the risk is not great.

The Cue System is as much of a philosophy as anything else. It boils down to decentralizing the role of the GM and spreading it out among the players so that they have more of a say in what's happening and how the action evolves.

I suppose I would question the nature of your players dicking each other. Is it good-natured or more adversarial? The former might work well with the Cue System while the latter is inviting abuse and will put you in a position of being a referee who has to interject a lot. The goal of the system is to build up each other's ideas rather than to tear them down. The spirit of “Yes, and …” is probably the best example of what a player should be saying during their turn in the spotlight.

If your players enjoy torturing each other and being tortured in turn, then great, go for it. If you're already having to pump the brakes to keep things civil then I would recommend that you keep authority centralized in yourself.
Title: Re: Anarchy Amongst Players
Post by: Mirikon on <09-05-18/1913:16>
Tecumseh is correct. If it is all in good fun, then more power to them. If things are getting out of hand, then giving them more ways to screw with eachother is a bad idea.