Modification of substitute items

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« on: <08-08-23/2211:35> »
Hi, In Street Wyrd, if the adjusted item is destroyed, can the replacement item be adjusted using the same Karma cost?



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« Reply #1 on: <08-11-23/1603:49> »
if the adjusted item is ...
Not sure I understand what you mean with "adjusted item" :-/

Are you perhaps thinking of "Item Attunement"?

Item Attunement seem to be for a very specific item. If the specific item is destroyed (beyond all possible repair!) then the Karma Cost spend in the Item Attunement process is likely lost.

Can you attune another item? I don't see why not.
As long as the Adept have the Item Attunement Metamagic and go through the entire Item Attunement process (including paying Item Attunement Karma Cost, again).