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« on: <06-21-22/1127:28> »
Iíve recently been preparing for a play by post Shadowrun game. One thing Iíve been trying to do for it is give it an open world and a feeling of being Ďlived iní. To that end Iíve been working on a runner message boards writing project.
In the Harebrained games I loved the forums you could read between missions, and the same with the source books with their scattered Jackpoint/Shadowlands posts. I wanted to have that for my players in a way they could interact with.
Basically Iíve been been writing up some Shadowlands BBS style content in a google drive with the idea that my players will be able to read, edit and contribute to these. Iím using Shadowrun: Anarchy for my game, set in 2075, and using the sample runners from there as my shadowrunner community. The ShadowSea.
This should be the link to the Drive folder.
Feel free to let me know if thereís a better way of handling this kind of thing.

So far Iíve got four types of folder/posting:

Forum posts: Not a ton of these, just some general quick discussions. These are what I started with and was using mainly as a way of introducing some story elements as well as inside jokes from previous games.

Location descriptions: For each of my prepared open world locations I prepped a quick little description of what the character sees when they first arrive there as well as light discussion from the ShadowSea boards. The idea is that runners have tagged certain locations of interest in the Metroplex and added some kind of commentary. The formatting isnít terribly consistent, but Iíve got a good number of locations and even some little story threads that play out between them.

Interviews: Basically some prose I put together. The idea is that a journalist is interviewing Shadowrunners in different parts of Seattle. I tried to give the characters and locations some personality. And the end of the interviews the interviewee sticks around to answer questions from the ShadowSea message boards. So far I havenít thought of any good ones yet, so theyíre blank at the bottom.

Short Stories: Iíve only got 1 here so far. It started out as a one shot I was going to run to introduce some new people to the game/setting. That game didnít end up happening but I decided to write it up as a short story anyway. Mainly focused on trying to get the vibe of a shadowrun. Little bit of creative liberty and sprinkling in of stuff relevant to my campaign.

Why am I posting this here. First off I just wanted to share something Iíve been working on for a bit. I donít think Iím an amazing writer, but I do think Iíve got some fun little bits in there occasionally.
Additionally, if this works the way I want it to, these docs should be open for anyone to edit (this is all a copy so Iím not worried about losing anything). Itís meant to be a public message board, so if anyone here felt so inclined as to add any content, feel free. Either just either as runners adding comments to the various posts, questions for the interviewees, starting new posts/locations, or even just editing/changing whatís already there.

Anyway, thought Iíd throw this out there. Hit me with any questions or suggestions.
I wrote and setup everything on my phone, so hopefully itís not too messy.


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« Reply #1 on: <06-23-22/0756:33> »
Had a quick glance, you've got some interesting stuff there, thanks for sharing it!  It's the kind of project I always wish I had time to do  ::)
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