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Tony the Troll Technomancer - 6E

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Pretty much an impossible build in 5th, the Troll Technomancer.  This build is pretty lulzy but overall the Dicepools are achievable by any Burn-out TM. 

ASDF of 5/5/10/5 going to 6/6/11/5 with Novacoke and Psyche, with a floating +1.  19 Dice for Hacking stuff.  15 Dice with a Hand Crossbow with Narcojet Injection Bolts for combat.  Multiple advancement paths.

This particular character basically plays like a Decker with an implanted Cyberdeck.  No Sprites, Complex forms are just short cut Matrix Actions for Fade.

Metatype   E   Troll 1
Attributes   A   24
Skills   C   20
Magic   D   Resonance 1
Resources   B   275000

S   1   5
A   4   8
R   2   4
B   3   
I   5
L   7   10
C   5
W   5
Edge   2         
Resonance    1      
Essence 0.2

Stealth (Sneaking) 4
Athletics (Archery) 5
Cracking (Hacking) 6
Electronics (Computer) 5
Influence   (Negotiation) 1
Engineering (Lockpicking) 1
Con   (Fast Talk) 1
Pilot   1
Perception   1
Biotech   1   

Focused Concentration 3      24
Exceptional Logic      12
High Pain Tolerance      7
Analytical mind      3
Impared Str 7      -56
Incompetent Tasking      -10
Net      -20

Karma spend:
Influence   1   5
Engineering   1   5
Con   1   5
Pilot   1   5
Perception   1   5
Biotech   1   5

Negotiations      5
Fast talk      5
Sneaking      5
Archery      5
Hacking      5
Lockpicking       5
Computer      5
Resonance +1     5

Total 70 -20 = 50

Complex Forms

Augment   Rating
Bone Density Alpha   4
Muscle Replacement Used   4
Cerebral Boost Used   3
Synaptic Booster Used   2

48750 Nuyen left for gear.  Which is more Nuyen than every 5th Edition Technomancer ever had put together. 

Overall 6th Edition is a huge step up for Technomancers, especially if you're willing to Burn Out.  Your Dice pools are on par with Deckers, your secondary skills are as good as any Decker is likely to have.  You're not living in the gutter fighting off Devil Rats for the last of drop of Soypaste.  If you don't want to derp around with Sprites, you don't have to.  ASDF even with the Deckers.  Psyche and Novacoke are back and aren't addictive yet.  Good times!

Shinobi Killfist:
Haha. I love it even if it is exactly what I hate about this priority system especially race design.

I honestly wonder did a single optimizer exist on the character creation design team?

The abuse from impaired attribute and metas especially troll is just too damn obvious. I canít see how anyone with a small optimizer gene would miss it.

Thank you.  The most asinine parts of the build can be stripped out without losing anything critical, and any Metatype is valid.  Analytical Mind is the only important Positive Quality, the rest are just 'cause the points are there. 

If you want to play a "Real" Technomancer reduce Stealth and/or Athletics and pick up Tasking.

Complex Forms are *meh* this time around IMO.  Sprites are interesting, but could be ignored if you don't want to play a pet class.  If you invest heavy in Tasking and Resonance there are certainly worthwhile things to pick up, but if you don't, you're still as good as a Decker would be.

Impaired Attribute goes to a minimum of 2 Maximum on the attribute, the most you could take is a Impaired Strength 6, giving 48 Karma My bad, read the wrong line on the table.

Also, your Essence doesn't add up .96 (Bone Density 4 Alpha) + 2.8 (Muscle Replacement 4) + .6 (Cerebral Booster 3) + 1 (Synaptic Booster 2) = 5.36, leaving you about 0.6 Essence.

The costs are also WAAY off. 24,000• (Bone Density 4 Alpha) + 120,000• (Muscle Replacement 4) + 94,500• (Cerebral Booster 3) + 190,000• (Synaptic Booster 2) = 428,500•. That's 153,500• over your resources, and I didn't see anything about Karma for Cash.

Muscle Replacement, Cerebral Booster, and Synaptic are all used.  That may explain the Nuyen and Essence discrepancy?  I'll double check the values on my spreadsheet when I get home, though.

I thought Trolls went to Str 9?  Ah well, drop High Pain Threshold and somehow soldier on. 



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