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It's not just an absence of knowledge. To take a specific incident: if the Dragon Aden isn't around, he doesn't demolish Tehran. That means the jyhad against metahumans continues. (Also, given real world sex-selection abortions have changed the male-female ratio in India and China, meta-selection abortions in the 6th world would probably obliterate the metahuman populations in these nations).
Ditto the eradication of Down's Syndrome in Iceland and Sweden would be replicated for metahumans.
So expect metahumans to have been nearly exterminated.

Spells, not so much of a problem because they fit into the spellcasters worldview. "Spontaneous remissions" are common enough that it would probably be a couple of years before anyone noticed that healing prayers are being answered on a regular basis.
Also, because no one knows that cyberware reduces your magical potential, large numbers of potential magicians will lose their gifts due to implants.
Cyberware may be *encouraged* because it 'cures mental conditions' - the recipient no longer sees auras etc.
Official Announcements / Scotophobia releasing November 12th!
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Per ICV2, Scotophobia will be releasing 11/12!
Forum Business / Re: hacked
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Forum Business / Re: hacked
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Errata / Re: [SR6] Astral Ways errata
« Last post by MercilessMing on <10-26-23/0916:56> »
No one is picking A Metatype for any character, so whatever you choose will be fine :)
Errata / Re: [SR6] Astral Ways errata
« Last post by Aria on <10-26-23/0652:41> »
But I have to pitch it somewhere if it isn't spealt out anywhere, so matching it to elves is as good a place as any I guess
Errata / Re: [SR6] Astral Ways errata
« Last post by MercilessMing on <10-25-23/1124:09> »
I wouldn't put any restriction on it, personally.  the author (Cliff) obviously didn't think it was important, so you shouldn't either.
The Metatype column is weird and its exclusions seem arbitrary in 6e, built on deep Shadowrun legacy ideas of which metatypes are more special than others.  There are combinations where Elves and Tandorans could spend all 13 possible metatype points, just as there is a combination where humans could spend 11. 
Rules and such / Re: [Bestial Nature] Questions
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Sonar doesn't just work underwater. Bats use sonar.
Errata / Re: [SR6] Astral Ways errata
« Last post by Aria on <10-25-23/0601:48> »
Reposting from another thread as this is probably a better place for it:

I'd like to input Tandorans onto my excel generator, but not sure where to place them with regards to Adjustment points and I'm not sure it's clear?!?  I was going to put them in the same category as elves as that seems to work but was wondering if there was a more official view?!?


General Gaming / Re: Red Shadows - House Rules for Cyberpunk Red
« Last post by Godfjosh on <10-24-23/0831:46> »
This looks interesting to me.

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