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Daredevil character 6e(comics not a stunt guy)

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I was thinking about a blind adapt or a cybersamurai build and just thought can we run a daredevil. But cant get a compleate grasp on such idea any help?

A physical adept that is Blind + having the Astral Vision Power could perhaps be an interesting Shadowrun twist to this concept?  (there is a Blind negative quality from SR5's Run Faster that you could get inspiration from in case it is not released for SR6 yet). You also have the Improved Sense Adept Power. And the Combat Sense (or Danger Sense) Adept Power. Direction Sense Adept Power.

In Street Wyrm (if you play with that) you have the Blind Fighting Adept Power which seems quite fitting. This book also introduces Adept Powers such as Free Fall, Great Leap, Maneuver, Missile Parry, Side Step and Power Throw.

Yes Adepts can take Astral Perception and anyone can use Ultrasound, cybereyes or other assorted high tech assists to compensate for being Blind.

To quote an old Champions adage "A Disadvantage that isn't a disadvantage isn't a Disadvantage."

If your blind Sniper can still shoot the wings off a butterfly at 1,000 meters, he's not really blind.

Look through the Negative qualities and see if there is something you and your gm can re-fluff a bit to represent the actual (comparatively minor) drawbacks.  Dependents for example can represent, any Cost of Living increase.  You've got to buy stuff in braille, or need special AR software subscription because your visual cortex is jacked up so you just make less Nuyen. 

There are other Negative qualities that can be fluffed a bit different to represent day to day difficulty, but don't impair your ability to fight. 

In 5th edition being Blind was worth 15 bonus Karma, but that meant that you were in fact completely blind and that you could not receive any visual stimuli at all from any other source. If you had astral perception the Blind quality was only worth 5 karma (using astral perception gave you a negative dice pool modifier of 2 dice and it also opened you up to attacks from wholly astral entities and astral intersection with wards etc so not really without complications one might say).

Yep, copy/paste the 5e Negative Quality for Blind also works.

Or be ghoul from the 6th World Companion.

Many ways to go depending on character concept.


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