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6E Changelings Clarification Please


Leaving aside whether you like changelings or not I think 6E Sixth World Companion has done a good job of sorting them out... that said I have a couple of questions about creation (so that I can program it into my excel generator)

[*]Spend 30 points on metagenics: seems simple enough, but is that 'net' 30 or do negatives also 'add' to that (I'm assuming not)
[*]What's the random D6 rolls for on p118, surely we've gone past rolling for qualities in SR??  Is that 'optional' or for all changelings that aren't in the 'groups' ...personally I will ignore it and you just buy the qualities from the karma allowance but does that need to be a houserule?!
[*]I'm assuming metagenics don't count towards the maximum number of qualities at char gen, correct?!

I presumed the Random selection was optional, but it may not be on a second reading.  No idea how random selection of Qualities would work, especially at Step Four when you could actually be out of Karma to spend....

To your other points.  My own suggestion was to count "Collectives" (p.117) as a separate cost paid at Step Four, like Metavariant/Metasapient Karma costs.  And simply count Metagenic Qualities as Qualities.  RAW Metagenic Qualities cost double, which is likely not intended.  RAW, Metagenic Qualities are purchased at Step Four, Step Four says to use the Advancement Costs chart on p. 68, Advancement Chart on p. 68 says Qualities cost double.  Which is 5th edition Ways all over again. 

All on the (FAQ/Errata) list, thank you. 

Making them count as qualities would certainly stop potential abuse as you're limited to how many you can have at char gen, I will note that as a 'houserule' until we get further clarification, and still calculate the max 30 points in metagenetics



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