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Looking for Players, Starting a Group - Shadowrun 6 - Los Angeles, CA Area


A friend of mine who is a mature, experienced and dynamic Shadowrun (SR) GM is looking to start a proper SR campaign group in the Los Angeles area.  He doesn’t have a profile on here so I’m posting this for him.

He’s looking for players that put some effort and thought into their characters and the moves they make during game play, like we're creating our own epic films, TV series and/or SR Novels with each session. Combat is great and Role Playing is great, but there is nothing better than a game with good combat and good role playing and that’s the thing we’re shooting for, pardon the pun.  I’ve gamed with him for a while and I can tell you this about his GMing style, he’s definitely creative and although works well off the cuff and/or on the fly, he does quite a bit of preparation for the games. He definitely takes character’s backgrounds and motivations into great consideration and tries to make them an integral part of the individual player’s experience as well as the overall plot. I’d say I’ve always felt that he’s the kind of GM that acts as the player's senses and as a story teller (using the mechanics of game rules and dice rolls to represent chance) instead of their adversary...

He actually wrote up a pitch for the game which is attached to this posting.  So if after reading it you're interested please email him directly at and make sure to put “Shadowrun” in the subject line.

Okay.... I see the email.  -Keith

Keith were you able to send the GM, David, an email?

Hey @warriorpoet1274 I emailed David but haven't heard back. I live in Granada Hills and am looking to join an in-person group as either a player or GM.


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