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Playtest Houserules for GM-less play?


Hey, it's the Surprise Threat guy,

Would anyone here want to playtest a way of playing SRA without a GM?

You have got to:

- have an active player group that wants to try this,

- use the Street Cred House Rules from Surprise Threat.

- use the Node Mapping House Rules from Surprise Threat.

- Report back to me your experiences regarding pacing and rewards.

- Promise not to publish it anywhere (no NDA or anything, just don't be that way.)

Let me know here and I will get the docs out to you.

I have playtested it to my satisfaction, but I want to see how it works at other tables.

thanks all!

Hello!  Do you think it would work with just two players if we were REALLY invested in giving it a proper go?

Iím new to these boards (though Iíve read a lot of your Anarchy stuff), your house rules are part of what finishes the Anarchy rules for me, itís really a pity the game doesnít have a more active following.

If you think we can make it work with just two of us, count us in!

It should work with any number of players.

Sent. Hope you enjoy.

Woah, WOAH.
I just discovered gm emulators (mythic mostly, and a Brazilian one inspired on it) and was working on a SR focused version for it. If you'd like to exchange some ideas/materials, do hit me up Ging.

PS - your threat list is amazing for it to work so far ;)


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