Ares Bug Stomper Armor in Street Lethal, quick question.

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« on: <06-22-19/0207:56> »
Maybe this should be in the rules/errata form, but not sure. Anyways, Should the Bug Stomper Armor in Street Lethal be Hardened? Description says it is modified and enhanced Medium Mil-Spec, which the Mil-Spec armors in Run and Gun are Hardened. Anyways, forums thoughts and opinions?
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Agreed. This looks like a 'training wheels' edition, that you can use to introduce someone to the setting, and then shift over to something like 5E or 4E. Like how D&D 5E is best used as training wheels for D&D 3.X.

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« Reply #1 on: <06-26-19/2059:10> »
Sounds fine to me.  The fluff makes it seem like its medium grade mil armor that isn't as cumbersome as regular medium grade mil armor.  Doesn't really have a mechanical effect since the 'heavy armor slows you down' stuff isn't really in 5e.  it also sounds like it gets the drone attachment rack for 'free'.

I'd loosely go with the notion it is medium grade mil armor, that looks like light mil armor and not as bulky as the illustrations for medium military armor seem