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Shadowrun players map?

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Adam Jury introduced interesting idea of map of sr players & gms - link, as you can see is dead.

But I think something like that is still needed - just look at this board and you know what i mean.

Frapps is dead or dying.
But there's new hype in the Matrix Net

With GPS equiped smartphones things like foursquare and facebook places are web 2.0 of tomorrow.
Is it possible for site admins to give a chance to fans to find fellow players and GMs?

Not as a part of forum (to hard to implement, I guess), but as a group on foursquare, or facebook with link on main site on ?

Just mine 0.01

Well, Frappr is still around, just not used much. Of course, if you can convince people, there's Google Latitude, but that's a lot more intensive. And by intensive, I mean they track your cell's GPS so you'd have an EXACT location of people...

And how's that a good thing? We don't really have JackPoint level encryption and security. And i wouldn't be so hasty with giving Google my location...


--- Quote from: FastJack on ---Well, Frappr is still around, just not used much.

--- End quote ---
So why the SR group link doesn't work anymore :?

Jack, Kot, so do you think guys, that map of players would be an useful assets for Shadowrun fans?
Or it's just sending your rl location to fb/google/whoever? [Jack, with ur nick u really should know how to switch off gps wherever u want to ;) ]
I remember that sr frapps was decently popular (at least 300+ members worldwide, some discussions, i don't know how many lurkeers use this to find local group).

Well, it could be... But only if you're into gadgets like that.
If we would make a fan-based JackPoint spinnof, then it could be very usefull. ;P The thing is - who would be interested and how do we do that?


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