[5e] Circles of Power Recruitment [Prime Runners Wanted!]

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Sorry this took so long.

[spoiler]Name: Daniel Smiling Wolf
Alias: Smiley
Race: Human
Sex: Yes, please!  (Also male)
Nationality: Amerind (Sioux)
Lifestyle: Low (8 months prepaid)
Karma Spent: 70
Physical Description: Young, fit, handsome.  Cross between Taylor Lautner from Twilight and Daniel Day-Lewis from Last of the Mohicans
Personality/background Smiling, nice, always ready to party, by any definition of the term.


554 (6)4
7668 (10, +3D6)

Positive Qualities
First Impression
Mentor Spirit (Wolf)
Natural Athlete

Negative Qualities
Addiction (Moderate, Alcohol)
Code of Honor (Innocents, especially Kids and Women)
National SIN (Sioux nation)
Bad Rep (Disgraced soldier, among Amerinds)

Active Skills
Influence Skill Group6
Athletic Skill Group3
Outdoor Skill Group1
Throwing Weapons3
Unarmed Combat (Martial Arts: Wildcat)6(8)
Pilot Ground Craft (Bike)3(5)
First Aid (GSW)3(5)

Knowledge Skills ( [Logic + Intuition] x 3 free points)
Club Scene3
Military Service3
Language Skills

Martial Arts (Wilcat)
ClinchRun and Gun p. 119
Counter StrikeCounter Melee
Dim MakReduce Called Shot by 1, Limb Disable
Finishing Move+2D6 for second attack
Ti Khao+1 DV during Clinch

Adept Powers
ATTRIBUTE BOOST(Agility) 2/+2(MS)/(QF)Xpg. 309
ATTRIBUTE BOOST(Strength) 2/+2.5/(QF)pg. 309
COMMANDING VOICE.25pg. 170 Street Grimoire
COOL RESOLVE1+1d6 Social Skills
IMPROVED REFLEXES 1/+11.5/(QF)+1/(+2) Reaction, +1d6/(+2d6) Initiative
INERTIA STRIKE.5pg. 172 Street Grimoire
KILLING HANDS.5Unarmed does P damage
KINESICS.25pg. 310
KINESICS MASTERY.5pg. 172 Street Grimoire
VOICE CONTROL.5+1 Social Limit

Gear (XXXXX¥)
Armor Jacket1000¥
Erika Elite w/sim module and subvocal mike2650¥
Colt Government 2066 w/concealable holster575¥
2x Spare Clips & Ammo (14 each of Reg, SnS, Flech)241¥
Flash Pak125¥
Smoke Grenade40¥
Harley Scorpion12000¥
Contacts w/Flare Comp, Image Link and Vision Enhancement1375¥
Shades w/Low Light, Thermo and 2X Magnification1900¥
Tag Eraser450¥
Silver Credstick20¥
3x Fake ID each w/carry and concealed carry permits (all R4)34800¥
Silver Wolf Ring (Qi Focus, F4)12000¥
Wolf Fang Earring (Qi Focus, F2)6000¥
Wolf Claw Earring (Qi Focus, F4)6000¥
Starting Cash4724¥

Amerind Tribesman3/2
Jayson Blackeagle is a retired Wildcat commander who does security consultation for Council Island and NAN interests in the Metroplex.  As a baby, he was carried out of the Abilene Reeducation Camp, as an adult he was one of the developers and first teachers of the Wildcat MA style. 

Jodie Mason is the owner/operator of the small corner bar "Jodie's Place", Daniel's second home.  She is also the only woman to ever turn him down, preferring him as a friend.  (Yes, she is straight)  He is her protector and avenger, having dealt with a few 'issues' in the 'hood for her, she is his enabler and his entry into the Shadows, having introduced him to Max, an ex-boyfriend.

Beat Cop2/3
Sgt Micheal O'Rielly is living example of the cop who got busted back to walking a beat after pissing off the wrong Knight Errant pencil pusher when he came over from the 'Star.  Daniel saved his ass one of his first days back on the street.  He is a drinking buddy and the reason Daniel hasn't ended up in jail more than once.

Club Owner2/1
Cheri Ostler, the Alabaster Maiden.  She is a girl he knows. (see Seattle 2072)

Corporate Secretary3/1
Marianne Roxton, Executive Assistant to a junior VP at Seattle's Evo offices.  She is a girl he knows from the Clubs.

Max 'Rhino' Reinhold, Troll ex-runner working the other side.

Forensics Expert2/1
Dr Jennifer Lynn Hamilton.  She is a girl he knows from the Clubs.

Political Intern2/1
Amanda Johansen, future career politico. (think Janel Maloney from The West Wing) She is a girl he knows from the Clubs. 

Simsense Star3/3
Jett Blackheart  Half-Sioux retro-rocker that is a star on the rise.  She is a girl he usta know from the Clubs back in the Nation, they were as close to serious as Daniel gets, a long time ago.

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[spoiler]Daniel Smiling Wolf is a full blooded Lakota Sioux.  He grew up living a charmed life of a small town sports hero in Montana.

Everything came pretty easy for him, his natural charisma and athletic ability combined with the magic that enhanced both, he was a happy and popular young man.

This came to a screeching halt for him when his parents were killed shortly after he came of age.  He was automatically granted a delayed waiver of his country’s military service obligation, but he turned it down and showed up for training as scheduled.  He seemed okay, but it was clear early on he was changed.

‘Smiley’s’ abilities caused him to gravitate towards the Wildcats, and he would have made it had it not been for an ill-advised and poorly executed dalliance with an older woman who happened to be married to his training company’s XO.  While this didn’t kill his military career, it was the first sign of what became a pattern in his life.  For the next several years, Daniel would prove himself capable and even heroic in all manner of high profile and dangerous assignments, then he would have some ill-advised situation, usually involving some combination of women, alcohol or fighting, that would derail him and then his charisma or friendships would pull him back from the brink.

His luck ran out when, while working security at STC HQ in Billings, he killed a man in self-defense, a man who happened to be married to a woman Daniel was seeing and who happened to an aide to the Salish Council representative.
He came to Seattle to hide and make a life for himself, but has not bothered to try and break his pattern of subtle self-destruction, if he is even aware of it.  He has found a niche as a face and hand to hand fighter, but has also become known on the party scene and usually blows through any money he makes as a runner.
Daniel is a friendly and happy person, and a capable member of a team.  He is also an alcoholic and living on the edge is the only way he has of dealing with his demons.

20 Questions
• We are shaped by our heritage. Facial features, skin tone, height,
build, metatype, even aptitudes are influenced by the genes
passed from parent to child. Attitude, too, is taught by parents,
informed by their own lives and their cultural heritage. Where
does your character come from, what is her lineage, who were
her parents, and what did she inherit from them?

Daniel’s heritage is pure blood native Sioux.  His physical form is an idealized Native Warrior: Tall for a human, well-built and lean, long straight black hair and even skin tone.  He also inherited the stereotypical weakness of Natives for the ‘firewater’, but he is a VERY happy drunk.

• Parents can be proud of their children or regret ever bringing
them into the world. Some are loving, and some are indifferent.
All of them are only metahuman and have their own opinions
of their children. Assuming they could speak, what would each
of your character’s parents say about her?

Daniel’s parents shaped the man he is, and their death put a stamp on the rest of his life.  They were a quiet couple, very proud of their son and his accomplishments as a young man.  They would be extremely disappointed in the life he has lived since their passing, which in so no small part causes him to sink deeper into his vices when considered.  That said, the moral character to do the ‘Robin Hood’ style running that he favors also comes from them.

• Many people remember certain historical events for the rest of
their lives. For those alive in the first decade of the 21st century,
it could be the assassination of John F. Kennedy, or the
Tiananmen Square protests, or the fall of the Berlin Wall, or
the attacks of 11 September 2001. People remember where they
were, and what they were doing when they first heard of these
events. Shadowrun history has significant events as well, such as
the assassination of President Dunkelzahn, the Crash 2.0, and
the emergence of technomancers and artificial intelligences.
Pick a few events from recent Shadowrun history and ask where
the character was at the time, what does he remember about the
event, and what was he doing at the time?
Living in the backwoods of the Sioux Nation, Daniel was insulated from a lot of the drama of the fifth world beyond noting it on the newsnet screamsheets.  He grew into young adulthood in the wireless world, and as such he is competent at functioning in it.  The closest the outside world came to reaching in to affect him was Ghostwalker’s takeover of Denver, which brought all of the countries involved to the brink of war before calming down.  The reason he remembers it was that it caused a cancellation of a team trip he was involved with that was a big deal for him at the time, and he was quite selfishly pissed off about it at the time and got a sitdown with Dad for his trouble where he first learned that the world really didn’t revolve around him.
• Very few people choose to become shadowrunners. More
likely, they are thrown into the life by a chaotic and uncaring
world. Even if she made a conscious decision to enter the
shadows, her decision is influenced by the world around her.
How did your character get into shadowrunning, and why did
she take that path?

He wasn’t opposed to the idea of shadowrunning, and with his military background he was a good fit for the work.  For Daniel it is a means to an end, he started working the shadows so he could pay the bills, what few bills he has.  Jodie put him in touch with the right people and things just happed for him, as they tend to do.

• People have control over their own living arrangements. From
the child young enough to use crayons and tape all the way up
to the elderly shut-in who plasters her walls with family photos
and cat pictures, everyone makes their living spaces more personally
pleasing. What is your character’s living space like, and
what has he added or changed to make it his own?

His personal living space is a long term coffin, he goes there when he doesn’t have another choice and he needs to crash.  His home is Jenny’s place, second stool from the end of the bar, his sleeping arrangements usually involve a bootie call on good days, a cot in the backroom of Jenny’s on the normal days and where it was that he passed out and got left at any other time.

• Everyone has beliefs, and many have beliefs strong enough to
be convictions. Some are religious, some are political, some are
social, and some are just about why people are here. What does
your character believe in, what are her convictions (if any), and
why does she hold them?

Daniel is looking for something to believe in, or something to care about.  Right now he is living on inertia and habit.  The closest he has to a system of beliefs is martial arts, but even that is tenuous at best.

• Everyone has aspects of their personality that grate on someone.
Even the best of friends annoy one another from time to time.
The flaws in a person’s character are as important as the qualities.
What do you dislike most about your character’s personality?

That he is wasting the gifts he has been given, with his charisma and attributes he could be so much more and he just doesn’t care.

• The Sixth World is considered by many to be spinning out of
control. If anyone could exert control over it, it would be the
“Big Ten” triple-A megacorps. These transnationals exert a lot of
influence on everyday life in the 2070s. Which of the Big Ten
does your character hold in the highest (or least low) regard,
which does he like the least, and why?

He likes Horizon because they seem to enjoy a good party. 

• People make acquaintances and friends; we’re hardwired for it.
Humans are social animals. This is especially true in the shadows,
where often it is not the power you have, but the power you
can borrow, and not who you, are but who you know. There’s a
story behind each and every one of these relationships. What is
the story with your character and her contacts?

See Contacts

• It’s Sunday morning, and your character has no commitments
until tomorrow afternoon. What does she do for the day?

If Saturday night went well, which it usually does, he spends Sunday morning in someone’s bed, enjoying their company.   This usually leads to a late breakfast and whatever, the girl usually leads him around.  By evening he is back at Jodie’s to do laundry.

• Your character has a specific skill set, a list of Active and
Knowledge skills that define what she knows and her areas of
expertise. How did she come to learn those skills, and how did
she develop them to those levels?

His athletics and social skills developed naturally and are practically instinctual, combat skills were learned in the military, His knowledge skills are based on his lifestyle.

• Everyone has their limits. People can be dark, but most people’s
instinct is to draw the line at certain actions and thoughts, and
they keep to their own moral convictions. Is there a moral limit
that your character enforces on the jobs she takes, and in what
shadow work would she refuse to engage?

He might do wetwork if the price is right and there is risk involved, but he is not a casual killer.  He hasn’t run into it yet, but he won’t hurt kids or anyone who he knows is a parent.

• If you have an Awakened or technomancer character, consider
your character’s tradition and streams. Even within the major
established magical traditions and the recently emerged technomantic
streams, there is room for personalization. Ask yourself
what drew her to that particular paradigm, how does it effect
the way she views the world and her magic, how does it translate
into choice of mentor spirit or paragon, and how does it affect
the appearance of the spirits or sprites you conjure or compile?

His magic feeds what came naturally, or perhaps grew out of it, he is not sure.  He is aware of his talents and does what he can to develop them, if there is anything he does care about.  When Wolf entered his life it was simply as a companion, not much more than that, but he believes that his family has a close connection with the totem.

• While acceptance and bias vary from place to place, augmentations—
be they bio-, cyber-, gene-, or nanoware—are increasingly
common and available in the Sixth World. However, personal
technological enhancement is rarely cheap, and many implants
that runners possess are restricted. How did your character
come to have the enhancements she has, how were they paid
for, and what motivated the choices she made (if she did make
the choices)?


• Life as a shadowrunner is by definition outside the bounds of
“normal” life. Shadowrunners do not truly fit into the lives of
ordinary people, whether they live in slums or mansions. What
does your character think of ordinary life, mainstream culture,
and those who abide by it?

He doesn’t.  He accepts it and goes with the flow.  He is happy that normal people exist, but he knows he is not a part of that world.

• Everyone has nightmares. Sometimes, we forget the dream
completely on waking. Sometimes, the nightmare haunts us or
even recurs. If your character had a lingering nightmare or a
deep-rooted fear, what would it be, and why does he find it so

He relives his parents dying practically every night that he is not drunk enough to not dream, it pushes him under every time he close up close to straightening out.

• People tend to attach sentimental value to items in their possession
or people they are close to. They make an effort to
keep these close by and safe. What is your character’s “sacred
object” or “close one,” and how did they come to be so important
to him?

He has a flask, a beat-up silver flask with an embossed wolf that he keeps filled with good scotch whiskey.  It is important because it was given to him by his grandfather.

• One of metahumanity’s greatest assets is its ability to look toward
the future and imagine a better life. Even small children
have dreams about what they want to be when they grow up.
What did your character want to become when he was a child,
and what are his goals now?

He used to want a normal life, to grow old and become a respectable member of the tribe, now he want to live fast, die young and he really doesn’t care about the rest.

• A person’s appearance can say volumes about him. From fashion
sense, to the colors he prefers, to the way he walks and speaks.
Sometimes, his personality determines his appearance, and,
sometimes, the appearance he chooses to present the world effects
his personality. What does your character look like, and
what inspired his choices?

He looks good, he dresses plainly and simply and makes it work.  He is one of those guys that walks into anywhere in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and keeps that stylistically relevant because it looks that good on him.  He doesn’t really own anything else, but will buy and dress up in clothes if he needs to.

• Everyone has a name, but a runner’s street name is a representation
of his connection to the shadows. Sometimes runners
choose their own moniker, but more often it is given to them as
a nickname or earned through some (mis)adventure. How did
your character come to be known by his street name?
Smiley comes from his birth name, and the fact that outwardly he is always grinning and happy.  He got it as a child when he actually was still a happy person.


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I am still working on my character, I know I have had time, unfortuantly it keeps getting eaten up by other things.
What's your favorite scary movie?


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== Info ==
Real Name: Tom Berman
Decker Name: Magic
Mage Name: Nonsense
Face/Infiltrator name: Poetry
Current Street Name: Solo

Elf, M                            Movement: 10/20
                                  Composure: 10
Street Cred: 3                    Judge Intentions: 11
Notoriety: 0                      Lift/Carry: 4 (15 kg/10 kg)
Public Awareness: 1               Memory: 10
Karma: 32                         Nuyen: 440
Age: 60                           Skin:
Eyes: Brown                       Hair:

== Info ==
Street Name: Solo
Name: Magic
Movement: 6/12
Karma: 122
Street Cred: 12
Notoriety: 0
Public Awareness: 4
Elf M Age 60
Composure: 10
Judge Intentions: 11
Lift/Carry: 4 (15 kg/10 kg)
Memory: 10
Nuyen: 94140

== Priorities ==
Metatype: C(2) - Human, Dwarf, Elf, or Ork
Attributes: A(4) - 24 Attributes
Special: A(4) - Magician or Technomancer
Skills: A(4) - 46 Skills/10 Skill Groups
Resources: E(0) - 100,000¥

== Attributes ==
BOD: 3
AGI: 5 (3)
REA: 5 (8)
STR: 1
CHA: 5
INT: 6
LOG: 5
WIL: 5
EDG: 3
MAG: 7

== Derived Attributes ==
Essence:                   6
Initiative:                14 + 4d6
Rigger Initiative:         14 + 4d6
Astral Initiative:         12 + 2d6
Matrix AR Initiative:      14 + 4d6
Matrix Cold Initiative:    6 + DP + 3d6
Matrix Hot Initiative:     6 + DP + 4d6
Physical Damage Track:     10
Stun Damage Track:         11

== Limits ==
Physical:                  5
Mental:                    7
Social:                    7
   Securetech PPP: Arms Kit [-1] (Must be visible)
   Securetech PPP: Legs Kit [-1] (Must be visible)
   Securetech PPP: Vitals Kit [-1] (Must be visible)
Astral:                    7

== Active Skills ==
Alchemy                    : 1                      Pool: 10
Animal Handling            : 0                      Pool: 4
Arcana                     : 1                      Pool: 6
Archery                    : 0                      Pool: 2
Armorer                    : 0                      Pool: 4
Automatics                 : 6 [Assault Rifles]     Pool: 9 (11)
Binding                    : 6                      Pool: 15
Blades                     : 0                      Pool: 2
Clubs                      : 0                      Pool: 2
Computer                   : 6 [Matrix Perception] Pool: 13 (15)
Con                        : 6                      Pool: 11
Cybercombat                : 6                      Pool: 11
Demolitions                : 0                      Pool: 4
Disguise                   : 4                      Pool: 11
Diving                     : 0                      Pool: 2
Electronic Warfare         : 6                      Pool: 11
Escape Artist              : 0                      Pool: 2
Etiquette                  : 6                      Pool: 11
First Aid                  : 0                      Pool: 4
Forgery                    : 0                      Pool: 4
Free-Fall                  : 0                      Pool: 2
Gunnery                    : 2                      Pool: 5
Gymnastics                 : 1                      Pool: 4
Hacking                    : 6                      Pool: 14
Hardware                   : 1 [Cyberdecks]         Pool: 6 (8)
Heavy Weapons              : 0                      Pool: 2
Impersonation              : 1                      Pool: 6
Instruction                : 0                      Pool: 4
Intimidation               : 0                      Pool: 4
Leadership                 : 0                      Pool: 4
Longarms                   : 0                      Pool: 2
Navigation                 : 0                      Pool: 5
Negotiation                : 0                      Pool: 4
Palming                    : 4                      Pool: 7
Perception                 : 6                      Pool: 12
Performance                : 0                      Pool: 4
Pilot Ground Craft         : 5 [Bike]               Pool: 13 (15)
Pilot Watercraft           : 0                      Pool: 7
Pistols                    : 0                      Pool: 2
Ritual Spellcasting        : 5 [[Keyword]]          Pool: 14 (16)
Sneaking                   : 4                      Pool: 7
Spellcasting               : 6 [Combat]             Pool: 15 (17)
Summoning                  : 6 [Spirits of Man]     Pool: 15 (17)
Survival                   : 0                      Pool: 4
Throwing Weapons           : 0                      Pool: 2
Tracking                   : 0                      Pool: 5
Unarmed Combat             : 0                      Pool: 2

== Knowledge Skills ==
Bars and Clubs             : 3 [Jazz]               Pool: 9 (11)
English                    : N                      Pool: 0
Magical Threats            : 2                      Pool: 7
Music                      : 2                      Pool: 8
Or'zet                     : 1                      Pool: 7
Small Unit Tactics         : 6 [Urban]              Pool: 11 (13)
Sperethiel                 : 2                      Pool: 8
Sprawl Life                : 3 [Street Docs]        Pool: 9 (11)

== Contacts ==
Black Market Trader (5, 1)
City Official (6, 1)
Matrix Security Expert (4, 6)
Talismonger Mage (5, 2)
Torrent (6, 2)

== Qualities ==
Big Regret
Brand Loyalty (Product) (Deck)
Creature of Comfort (Middle)
Exceptional Attribute (MAG)
In Debt X
Jack of All Trades Master of None
Low-Light Vision
Mystic Adept
Spirit Whisperer

== Spells ==
(Tradition: Chaos Magic, Resist Drain with WIL + INT (11))
Heal                       DV: F-4
Improved Invisibility      DV: F-1
Increase [Attribute] (LOG) DV: F-3
Increase [Attribute] (INT) DV: F-3
Increase [Attribute] (CHA) DV: F-3
Increase [Attribute] (WIL) DV: F-3
Levitate                   DV: F-2
Mind Probe                 DV: F
Stunbolt                   DV: F-3
Trid Phantasm              DV: F
Watcher                    DV: Special

== Powers ==
Attribute Boost (AGI) Rating: 1
Facial Sculpt Rating: 1
Heightened Concern
Improved Ability (skill) (Computer) Rating: 2
Improved Ability (skill) (Hacking) Rating: 3
Improved Reflexes 3

== Lifestyles ==
Medium  1 months

== Armor ==
Actioneer Business Clothes          8
Armor Jacket                        14
   +Electrochromic Clothing
   +Gel Packs
   +Nonconductivity 5
Forearm Guards                      1
Helmet                              2
Securetech PPP: Arms Kit            1
Securetech PPP: Legs Kit            1
Securetech PPP: Vitals Kit          1

== Weapons ==
Ares Alpha
   +Concealed Quick-Draw Holster
   +Gas-Vent 3 System
   +Personalized Grip
   +Shock Pad
   +Smartgun System, Internal
   Pool: 9 (11)   Accuracy: 8   DV: 11P   AP: -2   RC: 7
Ares SIGMA 3
   +Concealed Quick-Draw Holster
   +Folding Stock
   +Personalized Grip
   +Slide Mount
   +Smartgun System, Internal
   Pool: 9   Accuracy: 7   DV: 8P   AP: -   RC: 4
Unarmed Attack
   Pool: 2   Accuracy: 5   DV: 1S   AP: -   RC: 1

== Commlink ==
Essy Motors DroneMaster (ATT: 0, SLZ: 0, DP: 4, FWL: 4)
   +Autosoft (Gunnery (gun)) Rating 6
   +Autosoft (Manuvering(rotodrone)) Rating 6
   +Autosoft (Perception) Rating 6
   +Autosoft (Stealth) Rating 6
   +Signal Scrub
   +Virtual Machine
Fairlight Caliban (ATT: 0, SLZ: 0, DP: 7, FWL: 7)
   +Sim Module, Hot
   +Modify Matrix Attribute
Microtrónica Azteca 200 (ATT: 5, SLZ: 4, DP: 3, FWL: 2)
   +Signal Scrub
   +Virtual Machine
   +Baby Monitor
   +Biofeedback Filter
   +Vectored Signal Filter
   +Agent Rating 6

== Gear ==
Ammo: Regular Ammo (Assault Rifles) x50
Ammo: Regular Ammo (Submachine Guns) x30
Ammo: Stick-n-Shock (Assault Rifles) x40
Ammo: Stick-n-Shock (Submachine Guns) x20
Earbuds Rating 3
   +Audio Enhancement Rating 3
Fake SIN (Yaron Levi) Rating 5
Gas Mask
Gecko Tape Gloves
Glasses Rating 4
   +Thermographic Vision
   +Vision Magnification
   +Image Link
Medkit Rating 6
Power Focus (Bonded Foci) Rating 2
Reagents, per dram x2200

== Vehicles ==
Horizon Flying Eye (Minidrone)
   +Sensor Array Rating 3
Horizon Flying Eye (Minidrone)
   +Sensor Array Rating 3
Horizon Flying Eye (Minidrone)
   +Sensor Array Rating 3
Horizon Flying Eye w/Flash-Pak and Grenade (Minidrone)
   +Grenade: Flash-Pak
   +Grenade: Smoke
   +Sensor Array Rating 3
Horizon Flying Eye w/Flash-Pak and Grenade (Minidrone)
   +Grenade: Flash-Pak
   +Grenade: Smoke
   +Sensor Array Rating 3
Horizon Flying Eye w/Flash-Pak and Grenade (Minidrone)
   +Grenade: Flash-Pak
   +Grenade: Smoke
   +Sensor Array Rating 3
Yamaha Growler (Off-Road Bike)
   +Sensor Array Rating 2

Story: (Still working on it).
Tom Bergman was relatively high up in Ares. He was in charge of industrial espionage, and he was one of the best. However, one day he simply disappeared. A successful extraction mission... this was the first work assumption and since megas have connections everywhere, they informally knew that Renku was behind the extraction, but after enough pressure they admitted that the mission was never completed, the reward never collected and the involved runners were never seen again.

Shortly after an advanced worm attacked Ares database and erased every digital files about him. They did not stop there, anyone that knew him personally was assassinated. A strange biological weapon... rumour has it that they were poisoned years before he disappeared and somehow the poison was remotely triggered, as they all died in the same way in the same hour.

The current assumption is that Tom Bergman was captured by someone else entirely, but who? nobody knows. It may be a coincidence but two months after the virus attack a mysterious runner arrived in London. He contact a known fixer and pretended to represent a group of 3 runners, a mage, a decker and an infiltrator.  The Decker was named Magic, the mage was named Nonsense, and the infiltrator was named Poetry.

Many runners in europe, remember working with some of these runners. Heck, some fixers even hired all 3 as a team... It took a long time before his regular fixer understood that the 3 runners were the same person. It was due to a decker named Deadly Flower, he managed to call of the bluff. Infact, Solo and Deadly Flower became good friends after that.

Solo is very modest, he is very diverse in capabilities but does not claim mastery of anything. He has no ego, he want to get paid and he want to stay alive. After he was discovered he started running on his own as a runner named solo. He only started working with other runners when the missions became too difficult or too sensitive to trust a single person in doing them.

Once in awhile, some fixers still contact Poetry, Nonsense or Magic. They have no commlink and the only known way to contact them is to leave a page from the book Tom Sawyer in a postal box. On that page, a commlink frequency is to be written.

The number of the page represents the suggested pay, the higher the page the higher the pay. The hiring method goes from one desperate fixer to another... Magic, Nonsense and Poetry rarely accept missions nowadays- but when they do the pay is right. Nobody knows how Solo manage to read these pages... but since we are telling the story we’ll say that he does not have anything technological or magical in the postal box - he does not show there himself nor does he sends anyone. Instead he sends a minor spirit to materialize inside the box, read the top tom sawyer page and transmit to him mentally the commlink frequency.  No fixer have ever figured that trick quite yet, and Solo likes to keep his mystery.

One of the side effects of Solo running as Solo is that more and more people will eventually understand that Nonsense, Magic and Poetry are the same person... that said, the knowledge that he could fool so many people in the shadows for such a long time, along with the fact that he is still alive after such a long time makes Solo a legendary runner.

He is easy to like very polite and above all a professional. Unlike many in his fields he does not carry emotional scars, is not addicted to anything and despite making so much money he still owes quite a lot of money to the Italian mob. Rumor has it that Solo is indeed Tom Bergman - the only problem with this romour is that there is no Tom Bergman - the name itself has no digital reference at all... so the current rumor i- among those that did extensive background check on Solo is that Solo was once very high up in one of the mega's and someday decided to throw it all away and live like a street rat for many years. There is no reference as to why someone will give up a life of luxery with unlimited funds for the dangerous life of a shadow runner,  there is also no apparent reason why he owes so much money to the Italian mob after working for so many years... One of the myths is that he managed to pay them back a loan of 10 million nuyen and he is almost finished.
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« Reply #49 on: <04-20-15/2108:22> »
If recruitment is still going Id like to tag along, maybe as extra muscle later on if full :)
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« Reply #50 on: <04-21-15/1447:39> »
If recruitment is still going Id like to tag along, maybe as extra muscle later on if full :)
Please feel free to stick up a character, I will tailor the exact nature of the run to suit the final (Ish) number of players...

That in mind I'm going to start crafting the opening IC soon, hope to get it online sometime at the beginning of next week so that we don't loose momentum!

I'm going to assume you are all in London now, whether you have been a few hours before the opening post is entirely up to you and I'm happy for flashback posts to establish your presence there :)
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« Reply #51 on: <04-21-15/1518:18> »
I'm looking forward to it.

If you need infos on our whereabouts: Isaint will have checked into a small bed and breakfast (Agnes B&B) with low security. The rifle is disassembled in a locker at a local gym/gun range together with other obvious illegal gear.
Until the call comes in, he'll be sightseeing with his real SIN and his real face, so he has an alibi afterwards why he is in London.  ;)

Demara is currently attuned to "Armorer"
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talk think matrix

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« Reply #52 on: <04-21-15/1655:39> »
Anyone have suggestions on how to finish up the last of the character?
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Triskavanski's House Rules


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Street Name Daddy
Name Michael Galmort
Movement walk 8, Run 16
Karma 0
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
race human
height 5'10 weight 185
Composure 10
Judge Intentions 9
lift/carry 7
Memory 9
Nuyen 3200

A Magic
A Attributes 24
A skills 46/10
c resources
E race human


==derived attributes==
Essance 6
Initiative 7
Astral Initiative 8
matrix AR Initiative 7
matrix cold Initiative 4
matrix hot initiative 4

physical damage track
stun damage track

Physical 4 
Mental 6
Social 8

Magic tradition
Black magic

==Active Skill==
*Summoning(Spirits of man) 5(7)
*Spellcasting(Combat) 5(7)(7 illusion)
ritual spellcasting 2
CounterSpelling 4
banishing 3
Binding(Beast) 3(5)
Con 4(+2 mentor)
navigation 3
locksmith 2
Etiquette 3
survival 3
Negotiation 2
perception 3
Pistols 3
First aid 3
Unarmed 2
Astral Combat 2
pilot ground vehicle 1
Stealth Skill group 4
Athletics skill group 3
Enchanting skill group 3

==Knowledge Skills== 16, 2 spent
Matrix games 2
Literature(Romance) 1(+2)
History 3
Magical theory 4
Security Companies 2

English N
French 2
Latin 3

==Qualities== 20 pos, 20 neg
Spirit Whisperer 8 karma
Astral Beacon +10 Karma
(Lingering "souls" of the dead)
Witness my Hate 7 karma
Insomnia 10 karma
Mentor Spirit(Seducer)
(takes the form of a female suicide victim hanging from daddies shoulders

Middle lifestyle 6 months

Ares Predator-
w/ Internal Smartgun system
w/ concealable holster, Quick draw holster, spare

clips x4
Regular ammo 500 rounds

Erika Elite 2500
w/ AR gloves, Sub vocal mic, Trodes, Simrig

==Gear== 14 karma spent
spellcasting focus(combat) rank 4 16,000 8 karma
spirit summoning focus(Beast) rank 3 12,000 6 karma
Magical lodge matierals rank 7 3500
Reagents, 20 drams

Mortimer of London Greatcoat 10750
W/ YNT softweave, rating 4 chem protection,rating 4 fire resis,rating 3 Insulation,rating 4 Nonconductivity,
Ballistic mask 4425
w/ low light vision, flare comp, thermographic smartlink vision enhancement rating 2, Image-link

==Audio Sight==
Glasses 2400
 w\ Vision enhancement 2 low light and thermographic
w/ audio enhancement rating 2, Spatial recognizer

Fake SIN rating 4 (Andrew Ursius)
Fake Gun License( area Predator) rating 5
Fake drivers license(Andrew Ursius) rating 5
Area Jammer rating rating 3
Tag eraser
w/ feedback, electrochromatic
White noise generator rating 6
rating 5 bug scanner
autoPicker rating 4
w/ 2 canisters
Gas mask
Gold Docwagon Contract
antidote patch rating 4 x3
truama Patch x2
medkit rating 6
medkit supplies x 3
Ford Americar 16000

Acid Stream
Toxic wave
Stun Bolt
Increase Reflexes
Increase attribute(Agility)
Chaotic world
Improved Invisability
Control Thoughts

contacts loyalty/Connection
Stitches (Elf fixer) 3/2
Layla (Joy toy) 2/2
Poppins (Talismonger) 2/1
Vex (Black Magician) 1/2

karma 7 left
16 on foci
bound spirit of man 3 services
bound spirit of beasts 4 services
spell toxic Wave


Daddy is well built and keeps himself clean shaved, Brown eyes and hair make it really easy to overlook him, He keeps his hair in a simple braid
He is pale but not unhealthy looking
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« Reply #54 on: <04-21-15/1956:44> »

A Small Bit of Daddy getting set up and moved in in London, Still working on a decent background, After the bar he is going to wander around and get the lay of the land and setting up a routine before sightseeing and traveling the city with his real SIN

"Damned woman" daddy rasps into the night as he stands up, once again failing to get a halfway decent sleep, The familiar touch of bloodless lips touch the nape of his neck as he makes his way into the small back room filled with cheap plastic boxes, the now tattered labels revealing various dark and not so pleasant locations

"I have work to do woman, leave me alone" daddy growls at the specter before she settles her slashed arms across his shoulders as if claiming him, which in a way she probably was, Daddy rips open the largest box and starts assembling shelves of dark synth-oak around the walls of the smallish room as he moves his thoughts drift, to the moment when the damned and the hateful starting coalescing around him, even know he could feel their whispered words and the whisper light touch of dead fingers, If one were to peek into the astral one would see a swirl of spirits draping themselves around daddies form, some look pleading while others, ones with a sinister look and hateful feel about them seem to whisper into his ear.

A shiver slides down his back once again as he finishes putting together the shelve "I just need to work, stay busy" he glares over his shoulder at the dead woman before, with a sigh collecting the various items of his trade from their various temporary homes, tattered books start to pile up on the shelves along side other bric a brac that would make a hoarder proud, at least if that hoarder was a 20th century goth fanatic., Now days anyone with a inkling of magical talents would recognize the various items and remains dotting the shelves and piling in the corners of the room, their aura slowly infesting the floors,walls and ceilings of his newly acquired home.

Daddy had gotten a message from Stitches, Big work and Big pay across the puddle, off to one of the area of the earth saturated in old death and the spirits of the slain and thier slayers, oh fucking joy. But the pros outweigh the cons, its easier to get his lodge materials in the darker areas of London, Big surprise there. Oh well if this pays out it'll be worth it

daddy drags a cheap but well padded chair into the only corner of the room not filled with books, jars, bones or other less identifiable items and slumps into the padded chair. "You see, the air here, the old death and suffering of ages past, power suffuses the dark places, you just need to take it" her voices drifts away as the dead woman leans and and plants a cold, clammy kiss on daddies lips and . .

Daddy sits up breathing heavy, sleep banished in a heartbeat, Slowly daddies heart slows and he realizes what had happened, He glares at the woman "Never a moments peace with you" he growls before grabbing his coat and stalking away to find the nearest bar, the dead woman stalking just ahead of him like a Jealous lover.
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« Reply #55 on: <04-21-15/2007:56> »
Biggest thing you've forgotten mate is the Sum to 14, you still have 4 priority points to spend.
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  • well . . . . that didn't work
« Reply #56 on: <04-21-15/2020:52> »
ah, well that actually explains alot, I've never actually used the sum to 14 so i'm not sure where the rules for it are
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« Reply #57 on: <04-21-15/2033:50> »
Here's a link to my sheet, nyl have contacts and background left.
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« Reply #58 on: <04-21-15/2349:07> »
ah, well that actually explains alot, I've never actually used the sum to 14 so i'm not sure where the rules for it are

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« Reply #59 on: <04-22-15/1230:53> »
ah, well that actually explains alot, I've never actually used the sum to 14 so i'm not sure where the rules for it are

P.64 of Run Faster :)
Priority A = 4 pts, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, E = 0, so you can have any combination to make 14 (it's normally 10!), so it might be A,A,B,C,D for example...
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