[IC] Honest to god milk runs, Part 2- (Dat one ring)

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Mike had politely declined One's offer of a blunt.
Now he was splitting the cash. When he gave Dolly her part he said: "Was a pleasure working with you. I'll probably be in this town for a while longer. Ring me up if you want another go on the bike or are up for a run."
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After splitting the nuyen on the credstick, Dolly bids Janitor adieu, saying "I have a promise to keep now, but I too hope we can work together again in the future." Cloaking herself in magic, she flies into the night, high above the city streets.

Honored Gran Boa, you have aided me greatly this night. You may have this body until daybreak on the lone condition that you take good care of it and the possessions I carry. Eat, drink, dance, sing, but please do not bring shame upon me.

The Gran Boa respects you, child. His allies are well rewarded, and well taken care of. I accept your gift, and promise to abide by your request.

And with that, Dolly allowed the loa into her body. The remainder of the night was a blur of activity - zooming high above the city, reveling in the freedom of flight, clandestinely observing the partiers, and even participating in the festivities. But true to the spirit's word, come sunrise, she was nearing her home at the spirit's accelerated pace when the summoning magic was spent and the spirit wordlessly departed. She knew it would be at least a day before her body recovered from the all nighter, but for now, she simply looked forward to sleeping in her bed.
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