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Title: [ICC] 5e London Falling
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You’ve made it to London and are getting yourself settled, but before you have a moment to settle into your new digs, you receive an offer. Someone must be well connected to know you were in London. “The Crusted Pipe at 23:00, 8 Fetter Lane in the Temple district. Ask for the Art Table,” reads the text signed “A. Johnson.” You were warned about the Temple district before you even thought about making this trip. Security in the center of of official and judicial buildings is ultra-tight. You’ve heard horror tales about data jacks tripping A-Level threat responses, so you’ve keenly left your weapons and gear of questionable purpose behind.   Approaching the Temple district you sense a noticeable increase in surveillance. Patrols are frequent; drones silently follow the roads and side streets. There is a constant stream of white-noise scans on active ARO. It also feels as if all communications and active wireless is being scanned.

The Crusted Pipe is a basement level bar off Chancellery Road with dark wood tones, a creaky  door, and cool, moist air. All the lighting in the bar mimics candle or torch flame, and not a single light is above waist level. This gives the place a private atmosphere where the faces of politicians, trideo stars, and more shadowy patrons are hard to make out and easy to confuse.  Seated at the “Art Table,” you fall into the latter group. “Mr. Johnson,” the gentleman at the table unsurprisingly introduces himself as. But call me Art, or if you wanna keep it formal, Mr. Art.”  Leanly sculpted with the  nest chiseled cheekbones and brow money can buy, Art looks  t for a boardroom overlooking the city from a hundred  floors up. His accent is American, probably from New York. Surgery must keep him looking young. Taking a seat in a high-backed leather chair at your table, he continues, “I think you all are right for a job I’ve got. I’ve done my digging through my connections—and I hope you’ll believe me when. I say they’re good ones—and I’ve got what I believe is a very fair offer.” Art lights up a cigar with a match before looking your faces over. “A little about me. I used to broker stocks on the other side of the pond. Now I don’t. I do a different sort of brokering over here, and that’s where you come in. Is that good enough for you?”Art draws on his cigar, its red glow illuminating the smooth skin over his perfect cheekbones. 'So here’s my offer. There’s an upcoming vote in Parliament. I want to know which way it’s going to go before it happens. The opportunity to  find out is already set for you at a social venue. The pay is 8,000 nuyen apiece via certied credsticks, with 2,500 upfront if you agree. That’s all I have until you accept the offer. "
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Ted looks all around the venue while Art delivers his pitch. He was uncomfortable, both physically and mentally. His biz suit had been worn a total of two times, this being the second. He was pretty sure he missed one of the tags both times. Ted catches his reflection in the glass that held what passed for beer here Uggg this place is so stiff. Cant remember the last time my face was a normal color. Worst of all, the babes look like total ice queens. This place is most heinous Ted's attention is immediately drawn back to the table at the mention of cold hard creds. Eight large would go a long way to melting some of these babes icy hearts.

Arty, you mind if i call you Arty? He doesn't wait for a response as he continues on. Now if we're going to a party then you definitely got the right crew. We are quite literally the original party animals Ted looks around the room and all the fancy folk, his gaze pausing on each of the three new comers. First the old fart with the short dark hair, then over to he girl with the gleaming datajack, and then onto... as his head moves back to the girl with a snap SHA-WING Ted's got him some yellow fever, nay yellow plague.  He gives her a suggestive wink before readdressing Arty. As you can see we can also make nice nice in fancy digs too I've got this for days. Haven't even scratched myself yet.  You've got yourself a versatile team here. Capable of handling any contingency from London's fancy schmancy joints, all the way to the mosh pits of the local orksplotation bar. This vote wont escape us, aka you, no matter where it runs. That kind of versatility's got to be worth a little more scratch than eight big ones. Remember you recognized the talent and called us here

Yeah i rocked that *guitar solo plays in head*

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Lovelace glances around the Crusted Pipe for a few moments before giving Art, and the rest of what can only be described as a motley crew her attention.  She half-rolls her eyes at Ted's wink after he turns back towards the Johnson, but otherwise keeps her expression composed and remains silent, waiting to see if someone else will speak up.

Eight thousand quid to investigate a Parliamentary vote?  I wonder...
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A small hopeful smile spreads across Caleb's face as Ted says his piece. If Ted can talk some more money out of this guy I might be able to move out of my car
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Mick knew that it was not going to be easy staying off the radar in an upmarket part of town such as this and took extra precautions to stay low.
All unnecessary wireless transmissions were turned off and he donned his Berwick suit and Longcoat. He left the weapons at home, if the shit hit the fan, he'd have to rely on his implants to bail him out of the fire.
The pub itself was a bit of a mockery of itself, trying too hard to be discreet to play up to a crowd who both played the public as a career and were probably secretly a bit scared.
The ragtag bunch of misfits that sat at the table didn't fill Mick with much hope, it was almost like half a freak-show had emptied out of the circus into this place and he seriously wondered how they'd not drawn the ire of the local heat.
He glanced at them suspiciously as he took his seat at the table, not entirely sure what to make of the huge centaur towering above the seated runners.
Turning to matters of business he addressed Mr Johnson; Art.
Art, I'm not entirely sure why you need us to find out which way a vote is going to go. We all know parliament is as bent as a nine-bob-note and there are any number of MP's willing to sell their votes or information on other candidates. Hell, there are probably enough bent MP's in here that you could get pissed and probe them for info and have the job done tonight. I have a sneaking suspicion that you're not interested in a vote on the amendment of a proposal to upgrade the A453 through Nottinghamshire though are you? Which means you're probably interested in a closed-house session. Something that's going to draw heat if we make too much noise. In which case, we're gonna need a few assurances. In addition to any agreed payment terms, we'd like to be guaranteed safe passage to the continent and somewhere to lay low over there if necessary.
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Sitting right with the Oni was rather large centaur, his hair the purest color of snow, that slowly got darker down near his hooves where dirt and filth of the streets collected and stained his fur a dingy grey. Goggles around his head blocked out the light from reaching his eyes. Those who knew the pair knew he was like the Oni's brother, though the two were completely unrelated and that he had a rather bad rap for going just a tad over board. After all, chicks don't want a guy they can't remember, and he often tried to make sure that people did remember the two..

Folding his arms, he silently nodding along with everything that Ted said, speaking wasn't is strong suit, Action was. And he was ready for it.
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Art looks you over for a bit, think about the offer you've made and says I think I'm ok with what I'm offering.  I'd love for you to take this job, but honestly some of you are an unproven commodity in London.  And quite frankly, you're asking me for a way out of the city if things go bad!  You're the ones who run the Shadows!  I shouldn't have to baby sit you.  My offer stands.  Take it or leave it.  I can always call your fixer and get another group willing to do the job.  He takes a long drag on his cigar, takes it out of his mouth and lets out a cloud of rich smoke into the air above his head.
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"Oh Dude, thats bogus, I run other things too! Like streets and buildings.. Trains and more and uh.. like,  I don't run light. If I did that would be most radical. "

It was clear that this centaur was a bit strange, even more so than other lesser taurs. Probably because he was one of the few that actually lived to adult hood. It was also pretty clear he was in line with the oni a bit, the two probably pretty close.
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Lovelace leans forwards almost before the centaur stops speaking.

"Mr. Art, I guess we're in so long as everyone present agrees."

She pauses for a moment as if to gather her thoughts.

"So far, you've told us that there's an upcoming vote, and that there's some sort of party where we can find out about it.  Do you expect us at that 'social venue' tonight?  Next week?  How soon before the vote do you need the information?  I mean you seem like a reasonable chap, and we're all professionals here."

For a brief moment her expression seems to say 'Well, most of us are.'
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Ted looks a little disappointed as his offer is rejected, but a smooth smile reasserts itself almost immediately. Fair enough Arty, I understand the opening act doesn't get the tricked out green room. Cant blame a guy for trying though Ted looks over at Lovelace Don't worry, its just a matter of time before we have no brown M&Ms in our green room. Only a matter of time Now if only i knew what the drek an M&M was, but if Eddie Van Halen, hallowed be his name, didn't like the brown ones there must be a reason He scans over the group once more When did this twig man show up. Must have been distracted by babe. *Sigh* it doesn't look he knows how to rock either

Well Arty, I know i speak for the three of us anyway. We've come this far and the show must go on. Don't worry guys, Arty here doesn't want us to fail anymore than we do. He wouldn't have called us in if he didn't think we could do it. You can count on the Wyld Stallions for your little scheme He leans forward to shake Arty's hand. So whats the scan? Whats this vote and who we gotta shake down to get it?
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Bill looked up to not to the coiled serpent up on high, then towards the employer with a confused expression on his face.
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Sensing that the smooth-talk wasn't gaining any traction, Mick spoke up.
Ok, look. the offer is fairly decent. Lets shake hands and talk details.
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 Art looks you all over, “Excellent. Now that that’s settled, here are the particulars.” Art places an inactive RFID dot on the table under a napkin. “This is an invitation to the Lobbyists Ball at the Massenet Hotel here in the Temple district. It will identify your party as lobbyists for the Atarashii Corporate Council of Kansai. If you thought security was unreasonable entering this district, wait until you try to enter the hotel. Keep that in mind before you bring anything unlicensed. This city takes weaponry and contraband very seriously, and neither is permitted at parliamentary events.”

The ball will be attended by lobbyists and representatives of Parliament. It starts at 19:00 tomorrow evening. The vote I’m interested in is on Underplex Transportation Appropriation Bill 1449A, which will take place the following morning around 11:00. Now listen, you could talk to representatives and get a feel for which way the vote is leaning, but if that were good enough, I wouldn’t be paying for a team like yours. I need to know. The Speaker of Parliament, Addison Hughes, and his aide will be in attendance. Part of his planning for upcoming votes is tallying promised votes. If anyone already knows how things are going to go, it’s going to be him. He’s a straight arrow, though, so watch your step.”

Art Johnson stands, puts out his cigar, and straightens his hair. “When you have the information, post Yay or Nay on the London Rock Climbers forum, under the Rushmore thread. Don’t worry that it’s so public.” He smiles. “This information is worth a fortune before the vote, but will drop to nothing once the votes are cast. If you get me info while it’s still useful I’ll be sure you get they money coming to you.” He turns to leave, then transmits a number to you. “I’m going to give you a number at which to reach me. If you use it, it will likely be the last time I ever use you. That means emergencies only, understand? And like the information on the vote, it won’t be worth anything in another day.
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"One day to prepare, less than 16 hours to report back.  Got it."

Lovelace glances around at the rest of the team while she sends her mind racing through her deck lining it up to start researching the problem at hand.

"Anyone else have questions for Mr. Art?"
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Art stands, shakes everybody's hands who will let him, and then calmly walks into the night out of the club.

As you all stand and sit around, you all receive an ARO message. The message is from a Lady Glendower, Lord of Snowden. I am aware of Mr. Johnson’s activities. I can assist with the information you need, and of course I will compensate you appropriately. Please seek out out Miss Elwes at the Lobbyist Ball—she will have the information you need.
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Lovelace pauses as the ARO flashes and raises an eyebrow.

"Well, isn't this interesting.  So we…"

She looks around at the assortment of runners

"…are expected to be at this Lobbyist Ball tomorrow.   And to learn about this Proposition 1449A.  And now it seems we have two different people to speak to, one suggested by our Johnson and one by a nob."

She glances around at the assembled cast again and shrugs.

"So before we dive into research and preparation, anyone know anything about the players involved?  Or have a good recommendation on how we get started?"
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"So like, we're suppose to like go into this super fancy party right, with a bunch of political ugly dudes?" Bill frowns a little. He might be the brightest tack in the deck of cards, but even he knows places he fits in and places he doesn't.  smacking his hands together, he remembers, AC/DC, - big balls. "Right so like we need to get some fancy dress... Excellent!"

Then he finally looked up and at the naga hanging up there and jumps a little."Holy drek! What are you doing up there snakey dude?"
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Mick just slumps back in the chair, a little pissed that he couldn't haggle for more cash. The veritable circus that had been put together was gonna make things difficult. Especially in a high-security outfit like that. Questions would be asked, ID would be checked and checked again..
It seemed straight forward enough, but he wasn't stupid enough to think they'd be getting money for old rope on this one. They'd need to anticipate a twist further down the line...
Look guys, Fancy dress is only going to take one part of this job and if it were gonna be easy money, they wouldn't have put together a large and varied team for it. It sounds too bloody simple, and we're going into a seriously high security location. I think we really need to expect a bit of a plot thickener here. In any case, security is gonna be tighter than a Nun's fanny, so anyone who hasn't either got a legit ID or a fucking good fake can count themselves out of heading to the night do.
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Yes Bill i keep telling you you need fancy duds. That's why i got me this money suit. Though where we can find something fancy in your size with this little notice... Bill trails off deep in though. It is obviously paining him, and you can almost see the steam coming off of his ears. Bill looks up, snaps his fingers and looks over toward Mick You look like the fashionable sort. You know a tailor around here who does quick work? I have it on good authority that Bill here just came into a little money Ted gives Bill an over exaggerated wink

Ted looks over towards Lovelace. Honestly we're all new in town so one puffed up business guy is just as good as another. I want to know what you guys think of the second offer though. I'm pretty sure that i speak for the three of us when i say backstabbing Mr Arty is most heinous indeed. We haven't even been signed up for this gig for ten minuets. If this snowy lady knew so much she should have hired us first. We Wyld Stallions have our image to uphold after all!

As for this party, it should be most excellent. If Arty is to be believed it will be even fancier than Wyld Stallion's Greatest Hits release party! Ted leans in towards Lovelace It was a bold choice to name our first album "Greatest Hits" but it has been most triumphant on sales. We have sold dozens of copies over the last few months!
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Suddenly Bill blinks and turns to his brother like companion "Ted.. Ted.." he says smacking his friends shoulder a few times, lighting with the back of his hand mostly a tapping to get his information. "It occurs to me.. Mr Arty wants us to go to a party. An Arty Party!"

Thinking a bit, longer, Not one of his strong suits, he comes up with an idea. "I've got it! That famous pool dude who explored things!"

And then he stopped there. As if he actually explained his frail meager little plan in adequate enough detail.
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"Wait are you talking about Marco Polo?" Caleb asked, confusion obvious in his tone.
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"Exactly! And he made a sport for equestrian clubs that like.. Political ugly dudes like to play." He nods, that solves one problem he thought. He could be a polo player from the equestria club.
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Still partly wrapped around the beam, Sarpa snakes a few metres down to seating height before returning to eye level. Properly translating the conversation as it progresses is difficult, and replying almost so. Struggling with public grid translation services, he simply stares at the AR space blankly as the conversation passes by, and a wave of trid commercials pop up before receding into the background. It's hardly a complete solution, but it fits the bill.

<<@Bill: Black Snake climbing wall (; not hurt to be sneaky, hmm?>>
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After talking a bit and trying to decide what happens next, you all stare quietly at each other as the conversation dies down.  What's the groups next move?  Does anyone want to poke the matrix or make a few calls?
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Well this can only go well with reasoning like that…

Lovelace squares her shoulders and looks around at the group again.

"So before I dive into the Matrix for some information, who here actually has outfits that will actually work at the Ball?  Or do we want to get out of this posh area and reconvene after we've had a chance to do a little legwork?"
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I can get in and around that ball no problems. Will hire a tux to look the part and go in unarmed. We need to flesh out the story though, give us a good enough cover for small talk with the delegates. I'll make a call to a friend of mine and see if they know who else is on the guest list of note. Any weird names popping up might give us a hint at who else is interested, cause no doubt if Art is interested, some fucker else will be too.
Anyone got any microtags? A couple of those fancy ones with a microphone built in might be damn handy.
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"I can try to get our hands on some additional surveillance equipment by tomorrow night.  If not, can any of you gents…"

Lovelace waggles her fingers above the table

"..and do something like that?  I know I can't but I've heard of people who can.  That said, I'm not even 100% sure we want to all go in as this Atarashii Kansai whatever.  I know the J set it up but if we can get into the Ball some other way too I don't see why we shouldn't try it. Timetable's short and all but I'd prefer not to put all our eggs in one basket."

She pauses for a breath.

"I shouldn't have much problem getting into or around the Ball either, and I already have a dress that should be perfect too."
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Perhaps our technically minded colleagues would like to scout their security setup ahead of time? an eye and an ear inside their systems could be very useful, especially if we end up rubbing someone up the wrong way.
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"Don't worry, I fully intend to do a fair amount of... research on the location when I'm not sitting around in the middle of the Temple District."

She taps her datajack pointedly.
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Alright, well I dunno about you but I fucking hate this place. Lets get out of here and head somewhere more comfortable eh?
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"Thats a mostExcellent idea!" he remarks, following along with the others, helping Ted if he needed. it.
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Alright then, see you in an hour an a half at the Dog and Duck, Clapham Common. Its a bit less swanky so dress down yeah?
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"Sounds like a plan then."

<<@Mick: Lovelace; You came in that Honda Spirit right?  Think you could give me a lift to Shadowtown?  And on the way make a slow pass of the Massenet Hotel?  Might as well get initial recon out of the way.>>
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Now that Arty is gone... Ted leans forward and loosens his tie as his face starts to turn an almost aqua blue in a perfect V shape. He looks over towards Mick  Best plan I've heard all night. Maybe get something worth drinking before this fancy party. We'll see you in 30 Ted puts a hand on Bill's side. Why don't we make like acronyms and GTFO bud. We stay here much longer we are likely to turn into royal ugly dudes ourselves and that would be most bogus

Ted pops a wheely  as his face reaches full hue and makes his way towards the exit stopping for a moment to blow Loveless a kiss, but not waiting to see her reaction. Oh yeah she totaly digs me. Chicks cant resist a guy in a band.
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Bill ooks back and over to Ted, leaning down to help him up and onto the centaur's back. "So, Lets get down there then?"
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To all those who go physical scout ahead-  Sky searchlights and roto-drones fill the air around the twelve-story, grey-stoned Massenet Hotel. Gleaming black Rolls-Royces and security transports block off traffic on this section of Chancellery Road. As you get closer, an ARO pops in your vision indicating that your RFID tag grants you access through the security cordon of assault forces in black and into the hotel lobby.
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To the two who are heading in-

In the hotel lobby, an elderly gentleman in a red suit looks you over from behind his gleaming silvered eyes and gestures towards the large, wood-paneled doors of the elevator. “This way please, ladies and gentlemen.” Your shoes clack on the white marble  floor as you step into the elevator. There is no control panel inside, only mirrored walls. As the doors close, a strong green light shines through the mirrors from the other side. Starting at the top, the band of green light slowly moves down to the  floor, thoroughly scanning you.  Satisfied, the elevator moves and deposits you above.  A man and woman in a tuxedo and black dress greet you on the second  floor hall where double oakand-gold-leaf doors open by themselves. Two huge crystal chandeliers glimmer over a throng of men and women in impeccable formal attire drinking, smoking and most notably, smiling.  Even after a few stares from the two who just entered, the guests go back to smoking, drinking, and smiling.
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Mick whispered to lovelace;
Pre-ball reception evening, shit. Ok well, as we're here might as well have a drinky-poo eh?
Mick led through the crowd to the servery, picking up a glass of champagne each, looking to see if he could identify their mark in the crowd.

percpetion with enhancement + mag ( 11d6t5 6
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Trusting Mick to keep an eye out for physical threats, Lovelace sips her champagne while mentally opening up an AR window to scan the immediate area for icons, Hidden and not.

Matrix Perception12d6.hits(5)=3 (
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This place lights up with matrix activity.  Every person here is loudly broadcasting their SIN and commlink/PAN ARO.  It's all larger than life, but tasteful. A few are still campaigning in the virtual world, an obvious faux pas in this setting.  You do notice the host here.  It looks like the building from the outside and appears to be as fortified as the building as to enter.
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Bill sits moodily with the rest away from the fancy party, watching it with his arms crossed. He wanted to go and ask all the ugly dudes about how many balls they hold and which balls they like best. But alas, some people think he is uncultured or just not fancy enough. Then there was also his Sin. It was enough to pass most checks, but some place like this was bound to double, and triple check him specifically because he was a centaur.

"Man this is bogus. I wanted to go to the party too." he muses to himself.
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Don't worry bro its just a bunch of royal ugly dudes anyway. Besides I'm willing to bet the party wont even have any pigs in a blanket or chips and dip. They're probably all in the there right now with their monocles eating snails or something heinous Ted's stomach growls at the thought of any food Wana see if we can find a Ye Olde McHughs around here. I could really go for a beast and a soyshake right about now. Wait i think i read somewhere they call them royals with cheese here?
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Lovelace sighs as the Matrix Search doesn't yield much to go on with.

Guess I'm going to have to buckle down and do some good old fashioned research

She slides the AR window out of her field of view and turns towards Mick.

"So, see anyone you know?"
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"Yeah, But its like, royal ugly dudes having a totally rad party! Right? There's gonna be all kinds of killer food there, and we don't get any of it." he pauses for a moment. thinking. "Wait think they could get us somethin totally awesome in a doggy bag?"
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The room is full of people who you recognize as obvious representatives as they are ringed by supporters, lobbyists, and security who all try to vie for their time.  Some times these rings merge as some representatives talk to one another.  All and all, it's a standard hob nob with snobs affair.  All told it looks like there are about 30 different representatives here.

Dancing between the groups are men and women carrying trays of food between the different groups and single stragglers.

While you look semi-out of place, you don't attract too much attention as you've passed security, don't have any obvious weapons, and are invited.
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Speaker Addison Hughes is mingling among the different groups.  He out in the open making conversation as he moves between the different groups. 

Ms .Elwes is kind of a wall flower.  She's here, but she doesn't have the crowds that most people are attracting.
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Mick leant in to lovelaces' personal space, whispering quietly in her ear.
Got both of our interests in sight, who do we wanna talk to first?
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Lovelace shrugs and murmurs back.

"Flip a coin?  We still have tomorrow to do the real digging right? "

She gives the champagne another sip as she glances around trying to spot any obvious bodyguards or security in here.

Perception(visual)12d6.hits(5)=4 (
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Post by: Csjarrat on <03-04-15/1318:29>
Yep, tomorrow is game night, tonight is pre-work. Lets see what our lady friend has to offer eh?
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Post by: biotech66 on <03-04-15/1532:43>
You don't have to look too hard.  The place is filled with guards.  Some are the classic men in black with mirrored shades packing obvious heat in and among the circles around the VIPs.  Some are the waiters/waitresses who move a little too gracefully through the crowd but stumble when it comes to the actual part of the job where they hand out food.  You even get the impression that some of the people who are staring a little too hard at you or some pretty little thing might not be quite here and more riding the astral pony.  You get the impression that anyone wishing to start something here better have some mil spec gear and a death wish.
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"Well that sounds like a plan.  Lead onwards kind sir."
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Post by: Csjarrat on <03-05-15/1544:40>
Mick smiles and sails the champagne around the glass, savouring the aroma and the taste as he moves through the crowd, smiling and excusing himself as he squeezed through the denser parts of the crowd. Keeping lovelace nearby, he smiles cordially and approaches the well dressed woman, greeting her formally with a slight bow and taking her extended hand before introducing his "colleague"

Etiquette roll:
cha 6, etiquette 6, first impression 2, clothing 2, pheromones 1 ( 17d6t5 4
Edge to re-roll failures:  ( 13d6t5 5 9 total hits. within limit so all kept.
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Post by: biotech66 on <03-06-15/0712:32>
You approach the women in an impeccable evening gown.  She's a refined beautiful without becoming trashy as some of the other women in attendance are.  When you speak to her she looks you directly in the eyes and says Hello!  You don't seem to be a representative or a hanger on.  That makes you a curiosity.  How can I better assist the public today?

Even though the two of you are quite a pair, she seems at ease with you and your subtle conversational stealth..
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Post by: biotech66 on <03-12-15/1220:59>
Miss Elwes is very impressed by the amazing linguistic skills of the introduction, and she begins to talk in a hushed tones that only the trio can hear.  As you have guessed, I represent  Lady Glendower will not be attending tonight's events.  However, I can assure that we do have a similar interests in mind.  She wants the bill to pass.  I want the bill to pass.  However, it does need a 2/3 majority to pass, and its looking to fall a bit short.  However, if you could help me, I might be able to help you....  Lord Helling is the only person on the counsel who hasn't voted yet.  He might be enough of a swing vote that tip it toward passing.  Let's see you bring him to the counsel and he votes my way, I'd be very generous.  I have an excellent idea of how generous you would like.  How about 7,000 Y generous?

Some quick negotiations later...

That was some difficult negotiations, but I think 10,000 Y a person is my final offer.  That said, Lord Helling is at his home in on the edge of town.  Be careful!  Threats to the counsels life are quite common, so he's fortified the entire estate.

The party passes around you as you receive this information.  Lot's of glad handing representatives and food trays float around the room.
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Scene B

Meanwhile with the rest of the group out around London....  What would you like to do?
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Post by: Triskavanski on <03-14-15/0920:42>
Bill Was currently by himself, someways away from the party, and looking out  towards it. He wasn't sure where the rest of the crew went that he was with, or his friend Ted. But, he was getting bored. "Sit sit sit sit sit sit sit.. Wait wait wait wait wait. Come on! They better get some food."  he grumbled, tapping a forehoof on the floor from where he was told to be on standby. He wanted something, anything to happen.
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Post by: biotech66 on <03-19-15/0923:05>
Scene A

In the party, it takes a while to get to the speaker.  He's always surrounded by a large group of minions, fawners, and those hoping to move up to those ranks.  It takes you almost an hour to meander through the group, but eventually you come face to face with Addison Hughes.  When he sees you he puts out a firm hand and said, "HI!  It's a plessure to meet you!  How can I be of service!  Always Great to meet the people!"

What would you like to say/do?

on the matrix the young women ahead of you is broadcasting her SIN openly as well as a few chosen campaign slogans.  Her personal looks exactly like herself.  She's an open book, but you can tell under the surface she's filled to the brim with some protection.  It's not subtle, but its done in a friendly manner

Scene B
Honestly, it boring outside.  You're close enough to a giant government shin dig that even the low level gangers have stayed away.  No one want some mil-spec hardware to drop on their hoops.
Every once and a while some security will come come by, look at you side long, scan your SIN, and move along.  You can tell from the looks that your not exactly welcome, but you're also on the list of people who can be her and not get shot and then questioned.
Title: Re: [ICC] 5e London Falling
Post by: Csjarrat on <03-24-15/1624:02>
Ah good to meet you too Mr Speaker, How are you enjoying the nights festivities?
Catching the line of gaze to his admittedly rather glamorous looking partner, he made the introductions using the pair's fake SiNs as per their cover story.
I'm ashamed to say Mr Speaker, that we don't really count as "the people" in our current guise, we're here on business unfortunately, this wine is far too good to be drinking when you've got to be up for work tomorrow let me tell you! Cigar?
Mick offered a case from his inside pocket with a welcoming gesture, hoping that a retreat to the smoking area might draw him away from potential distractions.
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Post by: ProfGast on <03-24-15/1805:11>
Lovelace stands a half step back from Mick's side, attempting to look suitably business-y, professional with a side-helping of secretarial.  She smiles and nods along with the introduction.

In a side-AR window she also starts a search to see what electronics the Speaker is running and if any active communiques are in progress.
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Post by: Triskavanski on <03-24-15/2026:12>
Bill tries everything he can not to look too suspicious. which probably only makes him look even more so.  "Hey man.. I'm just the van. Thats all. Just waiting for.. people to get done you know.. So I can take them home!" He fidgets hoping his faked sin will keep up this scanning. At least a bit of homework was done for it, since its faking a sin from Evo, one of the biggest proponents of metahumans out there for companies that is.
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Post by: biotech66 on <03-24-15/2221:32>
Scene A
The speaker looks over the cigars with some interest, but a "helpfull" aid gives him a warning glance.  Ah, I'm sorry i can't indulge right know.  You know it's always an election year, and you can never be too careful!  At this a chorus of laughter erupts around him.  It's fake and trite, but its politics as usual.  Seeing that he can't walk away with you, he still asks So while I can't do that, how can I help sir?  I'd always love to help people when I can!

In the matrix the speaker glows like a candle.  He and his aids are givng out ARO's like their going out of style.  All say the same thing VOTE FOR ME!{/B] with a giant smiling face of the speaker running through his campaign promises.  He does have his PAN running. His aids also have their PANs active as well

Outside of the Matrix, no one is paying you to much mind.  You might not be from this crowd, but you're playing ball and you haven't made someone shoot you yet, so no one cares.

Scene B

While the beat patrols do look at your side ways, none really care that you're there.  You're sin passes just fine and the new addition from Mr. Johnson also does the added trick of keeping everyone away from you giving you a mostly free pass around London tonight.
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Post by: Triskavanski on <03-25-15/0107:55>
Bill paces back and forth, groaning. The party has been going on forever! Or at least it felt like that to the centaur. "Well maybe no one would mind too much If I just.. went in for a quick moment?" he pondered, before nodding. "Yes. of course thats what I'll do, just move in quick and quietly."

And with that he began to move towards the doors of the party, to hopefully get some of the food items within and not make too big of a scene. There wasn't anyone to stop him now after all..
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Post by: Csjarrat on <03-25-15/1319:05>
Ah, absolutely! Well i was quite interested in a piece of legislature that is going before the house, the one regarding the Underplex.
I was wondering if I could get your thoughts on the piece, whether it looks strong enough to pass or whether there are any glaring holes in the proposition?
[spoiler]cha 6, etiquette 6, first impression 2, clothing 2, pheromones 1 ( 17d6t5 2 bleh, shite roll. edge for failures:
edge re-rolls ( 15d6t5 3 still not great but takes me to 5 hits for etiquette.
Negotiation if needed:
negotiate ( 17d6t5 4 4 hits[/spoiler]
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Post by: biotech66 on <03-25-15/2215:44>
Scene B to A
Bill walks up the the shining land on the hill.  Men and women first move to stop him, stare blankly at him, and then let him pass  and even smile as the do so.  You've got a golden ticket, so why not spend it!

Back in the press of Scene A
Back in the inter circle, the speaker listens carefully about what you are saying, and then says Ah yes, It's great to see the nice citizens and not-citizens interested in politics!  Why if there were more people like yourself were interested in politics the world wouldn't be in the state it is!  If we put forward in post-haste that which has yet to be tested, like this bill, under pressure of time, I wonder if we are moving down a path from which backtracking would be impossible, imprudent or quite frankly, embarrassing.  I for on will not let us fall from grace that easily, my good sir, not so easily.  Great to have your interest in politics!  He is then swallowed up by the press of hangers on as his group moves to another area of the ball.  You can tell from what he said, he said absolutely bull drek.  He is a politician through and through, and honestly he might not even know what bill you were talking about without waving the money he got to vote one way or another under his nose.  As he leaves, one of his aids throws a "VOTE FOR HUGHES" ARO on your matrix persona and then leaves.
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You look around the room, and do see the transportation minister on hand.  She's surrounded by a ton of fawners just like the rest.  Among them are the Renraku people as well as some Renraku reps scattered among some of the different groups making sure to make the right appearances.  Who would you like to talk to first?
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Post by: biotech66 on <04-08-15/2240:57>
You make your way to a sniveling elven women who is the transportation minister.  She's the height of aristocratic posh in a strange hat with an overly expensive dress.  She looks as you and says with the strongest British accent you've heard all day How do you do?
Title: Re: [ICC] 5e London Falling
Post by: Csjarrat on <04-09-15/0458:33>
Mick bowed respectfully and greeted her with a smile and the usual pleasantries.
Very well thank you, are you enjoying your evening? May I introduce my colleague, Ms Lovelace?
[spoiler]Etiquette  ( 17d6t5 12 think my limit is about 11 so might lose a hit here.[/spoiler]
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In the poshest, most aristocratic voice you've ever heard Well, it's good to see you here!  We don't often get different invited guests!  I see you're hear for the big vote.  It's close now, but without the last minute, last vote, I think it will fail as its a tie now with the Speaker making a tie decisions and he's already voted no once....
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Post by: Csjarrat on <04-15-15/1244:08>
Yes, the other attendees had said the same, It must get a little stale seeing the same faces at every function?
As for the vote, yes that is our interest. I don't suppose you know how our last minute voter voted last time do you?
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Post by: biotech66 on <04-20-15/2327:51>
The minister thinks for a minute or she's staring into AR  The last vote hasn't been cast yet.  I honestly don't know how Lord Helling will vote on this issue...
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Post by: Mercy Merchant on <04-25-15/0645:04>
Lady Tanya Marisart emerges from the limo at the hotel hosting the Lobbyists Ball, exposing just the right amount of expensively sheathed leg.  Her exquisitely tailored Nightshade gown and shawl accentuate her figure as she waits for her escort to join her.  She walks up the red carpet as if she owns it, waving to the paparazzi, not flinching from the trid feeds but ignoring all calls to verify the rumors that she has been getting very close to her date of the evening, the handsome George Landon, son of the MP from Brixton.  At the door, she waits patiently as her current boy toy presents the engraved invitations and they are passed on to the officials guarding the entrance to the Lobbyists Ball.

She grabs a drink from a passing waiter’s tray and sips at it as she looks around the lavishly decorated room.  Seeing George Landon, Senior standing near one of the groups apparently fawning over one of the politicos, she nudges her partner.  “Look, George, I see your father.  I thought that he was ill and was going to have to miss the ball.  And he has your dear step-mum with him.  Whatever else you want to say about her, at least she can wear a posh frock well."  The pair move among the party attendees with practiced grace and ease, stopping to chat with one person or another.  Tanya knows that George is there to be seen, but she is scanning the people, looking for the odd bit of jewelry or protruding wallet that could mean the difference between eating for the next week at Chez Paris or soy burgers at Chez street-side-café.  Thinking of food elicits a small noise.  Turning to George she says, "Could you be a dear and scare us up some snacks?  I am going over to talk with Uncle Gregory.  He seems to be trapped by that dreary Lady Golder.  She is probably chatting him up about her Pomeranians and I am sure he needs a rescue.  I am going to ask him for an introduction to the Transport Minister, so you will probably find me there.”

As George heads off to locate the snack tables, Tanya glides over to her uncle and deftly slips an arm into the crook of his.  She waits a bit so as not to be too rude then slips into a space in the flow of the conversation.  “Lady Golder!  How nice to see you.  It has been too long since we have had lunch and we really must do that again sometime.  I am fascinated by Pomeranians.  For now, though, I have seen some people I would really like to meet and I need Uncle to make the introductions.  I hope that you can spare him.  Ta.”  She takes her uncle by the arm and leads him out of the immediate area of Lady Golder.

Gregory Murdoch pats Tanya on the arm and says, “Thank you, my dear.  I think that I might have done something horrid if I had to listen to any more about those bloody dogs of hers.  So, what will this rescue cost me?”

Tanya laughs without blushing, “Why, Uncle, you know me so well.  I can always use more money.  You know how Cousin Jeremy is so stingy with it, and it is mine, after all." 

Sir Gregory laughs and gives her rather expensive and expertly tailored frock a mocking glance, "What a shame you are kept on such a tight leash.  I will have a word with the Viscount and see about getting you an increase.  In the meantime I could perhaps see my way to sparing you some little amount for saving me from a fate worse than death.  I will shift something into your account in the morning.  Now, are you not escorted for the evening?  I had thought you to be accompanied of late by that rather tiresome young man, George something-or-other, isn't it?" 

Tanya waives her hand absently.  "Oh, yes.  George is about somewhere.  And you know rather well that his last name is Landon.  Just because you think his father is an ass of a MP is no reason to belittle the son.  But, sadly, you are all too right about him becoming a bit tiresome.  I really cannot fathom why I seem to attract men like George Landon, Junior.  His father is so besotted with his new trophy wife and older son that he barely gives a thought, or any real amount of money, to George.  The poor man's allowance is less then mine and we both know that borders on being scandalously close to the poverty level.  He is nice to look at but leaves something to desire in the brains department and he hasn’t a bean.  Poor sod.  I sent him after snacks, but knowing him, he has been distracted by a low-cut frock showing a great deal of décolletage.  Oh well, it is about time I gave him the boot and looked for something else to play with.”

Sir Gregory pats his niece on the arm and says, “You could let me arrange someone to keep you.”

Tanya's gives a rather pleasant laugh in response.  “Not a chance.  We tried that once, remember?  Your idea of someone to care for me was almost 80.  He might not have lasted the honeymoon and his family would have contested him settling any money on me.  No, I will struggle through on my own in that department, thank you very much, although I would never say no to some extra credits showing up in my account.  But if you won’t open your wallet, maybe you can do a pair of teensy favors for your favorite niece.  You remember Carly Bright?  The singer?  She is trying to get some attention buzzed about for her next show and I was thinking that you could send some of your ace reporters out to interview her and make her look good.  She is my best friend in the world and I would so like to see her succeed.”

"Secondly, I was wondering if you could get me introduced to the Transportation Minister over there?  She is a prime example of why men should be allowed to by clothes for women.  That frock screams money, but it is oh so very wrong on her and that hat would be better saved for the Ascot season.  But I am interested in her.  I know that you know her from way back so please introduce me.”

The media mogul laughs.  "From what I have seen of your friend, she needs precious little extra buzz from me.  However, I do like her spirit, if not her music, and will send two of my best to interview her on the morrow.  Satisfied?  With that he takes Tanya to where the Transportation Minister is standing.  She is surrounded by some Renraku strap hangers and a couple of other fawners.  The necklace at the woman’s throat has caught Tanya’s eye and she wants to get a closer look.  As they walk up to her, she hears someone asking about the vote on the transportation bill.  She takes the time while waiting for an introduction to look at the piece of jewelry and nods; this could keep her in necessities for a while if she can get it.  She listens politely to the side conversation and starts planning how she can best separate the pricey trinket from its owner.
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Heads turn as you enter, but you're not completely out of place.  This place is full of some very pretty people as well as some very powerful people.  It's good to see a combination of the two.
Title: Re: [ICC] 5e London Falling
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <04-29-15/0024:40>
Tanya stands near the Transport Minister with her Uncle, waiting for a break in the conversation to wrangle an introduction.  The people near her seem to be concerned about the passage of the huge transportation bill and how the vote is expected to go.  The two people who seem to be asking the questions are out of place and that sends a warning through Tanya's mind.  She steps back to get a better view, taking in the clothes and the manner.  The man is clearly accustomed to working the elite but the woman he is with is less so.  Their clothes, while posh, are not exactly what is called for here.  No, these people are not meant to be here, but they must have invites or they would not have gotten this far.

Tanya's imagination springs to the idea that they are after the necklace at the Minister's throat.  They studiously keep from looking at it, almost too carefully, further reinforcing her opinion.  Turning her head she speaks softly to her uncle, "You have been a dear, Uncle Gregory, really.  I actually think I can take it from here." 

The media giant squeezes her arm and nods.  "Very well, dear.  Please try to stay out of trouble."

Tanya nods, thinking *And where would the fun be in that, dear Uncle?  No, I am decidedly thinking of the trouble I can get into.*  As Sir Gregory moves away, Tanya concentrates on the pair near her.  They seem to be about to wrap up their conversation with the Minister.  She has to admire their cool attitude.  Just so much and no more is just right.  It could be possible to compare notes and work together, but she would have to make the approach just right.  She moves back another step so as to be outside of the social radius of the Minister and waits for the pair to move on.

When they do, she approaches them, speaking to the man first.  "Excuse me, but do I know you from somewhere?  I was sure of it a minute ago when I saw you with the Transportation Minister, but now I am not sure."  She holds out a hand, now looking at both of them.  "Lady Tanya Marisart.  How do you do?  Do you think I could have a private word or two?