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Although, SR3 is my favorite edition, I love a lot of what the most recent edition have added and always try to integrate them to my games. The new HMHVV critters in Running Wild were definitely one of those elements and I was quite happy when I found Patrick Goodman's conversion of the Jabberwock, Gnawer, grendel and Harverster from 4th to 3rd edition.

Unfortunately the Mutaqua conversion was nowhere to be found. So using what Mr. Goodman had previously done as well as looking at the Dzoo-noo-qua, Fomóraig/Fomorian and Nosferatu, I came up with this retro-conversion.

Q 5
S 10   
C 1   
I 2/4   
W 5   
E (3+2D6)Z
R 5
Init 5+1D6   
Attacks: 10S, +1Reach
Power: Dispelling, Enhanced Senses (Hearing, Low-light Vision, Thermographic Vision), Essence Drain (Permanent and Temporary), Fear, Infection, Magical Guard (Self Only), Regeneration.
Weaknesses: Allergy (Sunlight, Severe), Essence Loss (1 point every 1D3 months)
Notes: Gamemasters should assign 5 points worth of Adept Powers to a Mutaqua.

If you enjoy earlier edition, be my guess and steal away.
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