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Title: Tymoth Piati
Post by: Usda Beph on <09-17-10/1234:33>
Ok while trying to hammer out Usda I went and cranked several other runners. Heres a WpnSpec I hope works

Tymoth Piati (elf)
B 3
Init 7

Cyber Eyes R3
Vision Mag
 Glasses Flare Comp

Fichettilou (dang my own writing)
Ares P IV
Fichetti Pain In
Camo Suit 8/6
Armor Vest 6/4
Lined Coat 6/4
Helmet 1/2
MedKit R3
Antidote PAtch(x5) R6
Stim Patch R6
Trauma Patch(x2)
Close Combat SG 3
Fire Arms SG 3
Armorer 2
Dodge 2
Trown Wpns 2
Climbing 3
Infiltration 2
Perception 1
Swimming 2
Archery 2
1st Aid 1
Pilot Aircraft 1
Pilot Ground craft 1

Knowledge (I think I stole these from the pregen runner in the book.)
Blade Design 3
Chemestry 2
Engineering 4
Fire Arms Design 4
Gun Trivia 2

Low Light vision
1st Impression
Quick Healer

Dis advantages
Addicted (Cram)
Simsence Virtigo

English N
Elven 3
Title: Re: Tymoth Piati
Post by: Usda Beph on <09-17-10/1357:54>
That bad hunh? ??? :-\
Title: Re: Tymoth Piati
Post by: Irian on <09-17-10/1623:26>
Well, even Specialists must start somewhere...
Title: Re: Tymoth Piati
Post by: Walks Through Walls on <09-17-10/2157:04>
If I was going to make a beginning weapon specialist I would specialize in a type of weapon of fighting. It takes tooo many BP to get everything to a moderate level.

As it stands now with your guns or close in fighting you get 10 dice to hit. A street sam who is good with 1 weapon will also roll 10 dice minimum (I'm thinking 5 agility 5 in skill)

Now to hit in hand to hand or close combat it gets much worse. A character with a moderate reaction (say 4) 4 levels in dodge and 4 in a weapon will actually have more dice to full parry than you get to hit. I wouldn't want my weapon specialist (or any combat specialist) to be missing more often than hitting especially when you figure you have nothing giving you multiple passes in initiative. So said sam full out parries your 1st attack then goes at you for his next two actions. Then you act and I full out parry and repeat again. It doesn't take long till you are wounded and now even deeper in the drek.

Also while a silent shot is nice in some situations do you need both throwing weapons and archery.
Another problem with the shotgun approach to skills is that to raise them to a high level takes more karma than taking a couple high to start and then filling in the holes with the karma

Hope this helps I'd be happy to offer more ideas if you like
Title: Re: Tymoth Piati
Post by: Usda Beph on <09-18-10/1223:43>
I had thought about that, but I figured I'd Spec after I knew what i liked Best. Thrown weapons are shorter range than a Bow. So yeah i kinda wanted to go with both. officially I was thinking of fighting only with weapons (not unarmed so much).
Title: Re: Tymoth Piati
Post by: Glyph on <09-19-10/1806:14>
You might want to take another look at your knowledge skills.  They make sense for the archetype in the book, who has 8 dice for using the armorer skill, and has a facility to do so.  Your character has 4 dice for the armorer skill - this is a character who might be able to fix his guns when they get dinged up, but the high weapons design and engineering skills don't make as much sense for this particular character.

Purely stat-wise, you have a character who is slightly better than the average security guard in combat ability, but significantly worse than combat-oriented archetypes from the book such as the enforcer, the gunslinger adept, or the street samurai.  Actually, your dice pools are better than the enforcer's and within a hair of the gunslinger adept's, but it is your low Body and lack of initiative passes that can get you into trouble.  Generally, characters without augmentations or magic fare poorly in a straight up fight.  And unfortunately, that is your main area.

In a low-powered campaign, where you typically face enemies such as gang members or security grunts, and where everyone else is making similar "room for growth" characters, you would do fine, and have plenty of room to grow.  But otherwise, I worry that you could get overshadowed by people running combat adepts or street samurai, who will be rolling more dice and going more often than your character.
Title: Re: Tymoth Piati
Post by: Usda Beph on <09-20-10/1150:43>
Im noticing those qualities about my characters! Its a question of rules knowedge (lack of) and and runner exp (still none). This is definetly a great forum to get advice from Salty runners! ;D