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Hiya chummers! I've played a fair bit of 5e in one play-by-post for quite awhile. I've been trying to find a game for a little bit with little luck, right now. I'm willing to play either system, right now we've just got 2, maybe 3 players including myself that are interested. We're definitely eager to learn more about either system, I'm currently reading through the 6e core rulebook for more lore.

We're shooting for a Wed, Thu, or Sat game running on EST. Times are actually pretty flexible, we're good to do it at just about any time of the day. Been looking for awhile, so if anyone's in the market for a new game and doesn't mind putting up with some people who still need a little education on the system, let me know!

Are you still looking for a player? I'm new to shadowrun and looking for a online game. I'm flexible on days and times after 4pm (CT) on the weekdays but openly available on the weekends.

Hey! Iím completely new to Shadowrun, Iíve only watched a few campaigns. I do however play DnD with my brother and some friends so I know more or less how to rp. They donít like Shadowrunt though so I figured Iíd look online. Still looking for players?


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