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Yes it was. Assets INC and the Wrecking Crew were two different teams. Wrecking Crew had Argent, Peg, Toshi, and Hawk(?). While Assets INC had(has?) Ryan Mercury, Kaitlin Axler, Grinder, a bunch of dead mages, and Jane-in-the-box.

Are we having some kind of miscommunication?

Also Assests worked for The Big D

D'OH!  ;D

The neurons fired, I know they're two separate things, but signals got crossed when I was responding...


Yes, nothing's been mentioned about Assets Inc. since Nadja Daviar went missing at the attempted military coup of the UCAS.

(and the first one that cracks wise about my age... )

Doc Chaos:

--- Quote from: FastJack on ---The neurons fired
--- End quote ---

So... they fired, but fired blanks? ;D

*runs for cover in the mountains*

Thanks all. So do we have a confirmed body count on Axler, Grinder, et al?


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