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So that could mean that the rumoured Dragon on the Azzie board is . . . the Outcast, from ED days.  Although the Therans were pretty fiercely anti-Horror, for their own reasons.

A couple of references to other dragons imply that they aren't well regarded - Calozerca in Poland, and Booryazmei in western Siberia.

Damn, this really doesn't belong in this thread.

The Therans are probably anti Horror but it probably does not prevent them from using the horrors or experimenting on them.

Dis, a mad passion is worshipped by the Therans.

And as for that horror corrupted dragon, maybe. Maybe a brood of Verjirom managed to survive into the Sixth Age.

Since ED is ongoing as much as SR is, it's impossible to say.  The info on the Outcast does not claim that he's Tainted/Corrupted.  Only one ED Great Dragon was, and he's accounted for - sacrificed himself vs the Scourge.  The apparently Corrupted dragon in Azzie is an eastern dragon and the ED dragon was western.

Have there actually been any occurrences of the name Verjigorm in the Sixth World?

I dont' think Verijirom was in the last scourge. Or he was but very subtle.

Oh yeah, if he was in the sixth world, he won't be announcing himself.

Verjigorm hasn't shown up in Earthdawn according to the latest supplements.  That's not to say he doesn't show up later and cause some havoc.


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