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Title: Drug Questions
Post by: SDTroll on <11-12-19/1459:27>
I've been reading through the toxin section of the rules and a few questions came up. 
With Gamma-Scopolamine, how do you handle the primary effects and truth effects if the duration is shorter than an hour?
Anyone with a body of 4 or more is affected for an hour or less.  The drug says it has the primary effect (presumably Dazed and immobilized) for an hour, then the truth serum effect for the remainder of the duration.  If the duration is only an hour, or 30 minutes, do you not have the truth serum effect?  Or do you just split the time in half?

With Narcoject, or any damaging drug, I suppose, what effect does the duration have?  Does the damage wear off at the end of the duration? That makes some sense with a tranquilizer, less with nerve gas.  The description of duration talks about it applying for purposes of concentration.  Does this mean if my Face shoots someone twice in a row with narcoject, they have to make a resistance test versus each one, with the power getting one higher with each test?  So a test at 15, then at 16 and so on?  Or does only the first shot have any effect until 10 combat rounds goes by, when I can shoot him again?
Title: Re: Drug Questions
Post by: Michael Chandra on <11-12-19/1506:47>
'Duration' is for Concentration purposes, which like you mentioned is when you're exposed a second time during the initial duration. So with Narcoject, you could fire a second time and if within the duration, you'd indeed apply a test at Power 16 next.

On the other hand, a gas grenade won't hit every combat round, because gas grenades work differently and only hurt you every 10 rounds. So the duration would have to be more than that time to get the increased Power.

Damage won't wear off, you take it, you suffer from it until you heal it or rest it off.
Title: Re: Drug Questions
Post by: SDTroll on <11-14-19/1029:33>
Wow, that makes narco even nastier than I thought.  I guess your only hope is to dodge or avoid the small amount of damage. Thanks
Title: Re: Drug Questions
Post by: Michael Chandra on <11-14-19/1031:46>
Fortunately gas grenades are real expensive (20 doses), but yeah, projectile drugs are really dangerous.