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Heavy Pistols vs. Automatic Pistols

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Have you guys made any changes to actually differentiate these two types of guns?

I've been considering putting together some rules (similar to original SR "modes of fire") to make the choice between these two actually impact the game, maybe adapt some Full Auto for rifles as well.

I would love some ideas.


The recoil on a 9mm is pretty hard to control on a double tap; granted with augs and everything its feasable but I would use the rules for machine pistols or SMG.


--- Quote from: Rapier on ---I would use the rules for machine pistols or SMG.

--- End quote ---

I didn't know of these. What/where are these rules?

I don't differentiate between them. I think the narrative differences are enough. I personally don't feel that they need mechanical differences.

For me, the bigger issue is machine pistols vs. SMGs, given that machine pistols are -2 at Near and SMGs are OK and everything else is the same. I don't feel like there's enough narrative differences between machine pistols and SMGs to warrant the difference.

One change I do make is that Assault Rifles are -2 at Close range. That gives SMGs a niche to fill so that assault rifles aren't obviously better at everything (except concealability).


--- Quote from: Tecumseh on ---I think the narrative differences are enough.

--- End quote ---

I may still come up with something, because I do miss some crunch difference between them.
That said, could you give a few examples of how these 2 types of weapon could drive the narrative to significantly different ways?


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