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So, if I'm understanding things correctly, in this proposal armor works the way it does now but with the added dodging benefit?

It's not a bad idea but it's somewhat counter to my goal. My problem is usually, "This guy has 11 boxes on his condition monitor and 9 boxes on his armor so he's not going down until I deal 20 boxes of damage", which takes a long time, especially if there's a horde of grunts.

I still haven't found my perfect balance. One thing I've been doing, which is similar to my #3 option, is to allow players to spend a plot point to grant their attacks Armor Avoidance. Even if it doesn't allow for one-shots, it gives me better cover (as the GM) to have the weak-willed grunts retreat when they have 3-4 boxes of damage, which can now happen after one or two hits rather than needing to wait until their 9 boxes of armor are wiped out first.

Oh, I noticed the combat drag due to NPC armor points as well. 

I am going to try giving only major/boss NPCs armor points.  Minions don't get armor points; just their condition monitor and the bonus defense dice.


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