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« on: <12-30-16/0826:02> »
Warning: English is not my native tongue so expect errors along the way.  :P

I've been in love with the scenery for years, but I've never had a chance to play in it until now. So I have a good knowledge of the setting but very little of the rules system. The game will be in Hong Kong, with a strong horror theme, probably following a similiar orientation to SR: HK with a Noir mood I thought about creating a former Red Samurai seeking revenge, a kind of cyberpunk version of Itto Ogami from Lone Wolf and Cub. My idea was that after years of loyal service, my character discovered a conspiracy within the highest echelons of Renraku associated with worship of the Horrors. After losing all his teammates and seeing the whole affair being silenced by the company, he opted to create an opening and escape into the shadows in search of the means to take revenge and cleanse his honor even if it meant going through hell.
How can I create this concept? My group already has a rigger (drones), two adepts (one brawler, one with guns), one shaman and one decker. I thought about creating a human street samurai, with some private investigator skills and implants associated with those abilities. For combat I thought of using heavier weapons, swords and armor (when possible).
So ... suggestions?


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>>>> How can I create this concept?
First and foremost you have to talk to your GM to inklude his Background and his story in the Campaign.
the best background is worth....fertilizer if it won't be played in your campaign.
Creating your Char is not so much a problem.

first start to decide which Metarace you want to play.
When its a former Renraku Red Samurai I'd suggest a Human or maybe an Elf.
than you have to decide about the Priorities....
 the amount of Cyberware (maybe Cyberarms and Legs) defines the Priorities.
I'd suggest Prio A for Resources and cyber up with Alphaware and Bioware.
Prio B could go into Skills
C for Attributes
D Race and E for Magic....



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« Reply #2 on: <01-01-17/2306:32> »
If you want to play a Character who is good at both Combat and Social Skills (Private Investigator), being an Elf makes it a bit easier but a human works out to.
You have to branch out a bit but that mix is actually not that hard to create, from a mechanical standpoint.

If you have never played, there is one thing you really need to keep in mind.
INI is very important. If you are somewhat combat oriented, you NEVER EVER want to have less than two INI passes.
So if you sum up you reaction, your intuition and the number of INI dice you throw, you never want to be below 11 (after including all bonuses from ware and stuff).

The Implant you absolutely want to use as a social cybercharacter is "tailored pheromones" from the Core book.
Every level increases you social limit by 1 and gives a bonus D6 on every Social skillcheck, with the highest level (3) being available at chargen without problems.
Grab one of the cheap high-fashion armor suits from Run&Gun that give you an additional D6 and you can get +4 on every social test and +4 on your social limit with less than 100k Nuyen being spend.
For combat, you want high Agility, so grab a lvl 3 used Muscle toner for an additional +3 to Agility.

Depending on your choice on priorities, you can probably fit in 2 Levels of Synaptic Accelerators, giving you +2 Reaction and +2 D6 for INI
A much cheaper (on Nuyen) package would be a Level 1 Wired Reflexes Alphaware combined with 3 levels of used reaction enhancers.
Makes you also pretty fast, but cost you some essence.
Major plus: It would allow you to go for Resources B instead of A.

Alphaware Plastic Bonelacing is a nice way to make you tougher and mechanically better than 2 levels of armored skin.
You could combine both though, by getting Orthoskin later in the game (or at chargen if you have enough Nuyen).
Higher Levels of Bonelacing are of course an Option, but this could impact your Essence a bit.

Speaking of Essence:
There is a common misconception that low-Essence makes you unsuitable for Face work.
This is mechanically wrong and has no base in the rules.
All that low essence ever does is reducing your Social Limit a bit.
And with "a bit" i mean that an almost-Cyberzombie with 0.01 points of Essence left has the mechanical disadvantage of a whopping (not really) -2 to his social limit.
So really nothing that you need to concern yourself with, especially with Pheromones and a fancy suit.

As a final note, if nobody in your group has it already, i suggest you go and grab yourself a copy of "cutting aces", which has a lot of neat toys for Social Characters, including several parfumes that give additional bonuses for specific social interactions.