Drones keep advancing!

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Now, I'm sure that everyone's familiar with DARPA's robotic mule and the horrible, horrible buzzing it creates.

But, man, they've been doing some serious work on robots tha I've missed. Some catch-up time!

Did you know that they were working on a cheetah-based version?
(Because, you know, you *totally* want to give a robot scything legs while making it faster than a human being. That ends well.)

Which gets us into hexabots.

Which, in addition to clackyfeet, have a buzz all their own. More of a squeel, really.

So, now, we get swarms of micro-coptors, which make a wonderful sound.

(Shades of Deus, eh wot wot?)

Of course, to turn it into something MARVELOUS, we go with Festo, out of Germany.
So. Much. Love.

They were able to go a new angel and produce the Air Manta bot.

And now, they've taken it one step further, and created the first birdbot that flies properly, by flapping wings to stay airborn.

Lordy, but I loves me some drones.


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Great post Wak!
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