Where is this little Shadowrun story from?

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Does anyone know whether this is from one of the Shadowrun novels? And if not, where is it from?
Found it in Runners Companion on page 149. So if it is a novel, please give me the name. Would like to read it.

“Nice view…bad neighborhood. Good neighborhood, but definitely no privacy,” Kat thinks to herself
as she flips through an online renter’s forum. While she could afford any of these places, she wants somewhere
out of the way for a while. After looking at a few more condos, she gets bored. She focuses back on
the party, a little disappointed in not finding a place. Kat sips on a banana daiquiri and then jumps out
onto the dance floor. At the end of the song, she notices an incoming IM.
“Looking for a getaway? I know of a few places in Tacoma. Meet me at midnight at the Pleasant
Harbor condos in Tacoma—Larry, real-estate agent.”
While not the most unusual meet she’s ever had, it’s certainly up on her list. What kind of real
estate agent sets up a meeting at midnight? She decides to go, but goes prepared. Driving on down,
she checks out the neighborhood. Some dilapidated buildings, but better than the Barrens. She arrives
at the Pleasant Harbor Condos, a five story housing complex with a Sound view…over some loading
docks. “Well, at least it looks ok, and it would have a great view from the upper floors,” Kat says to
herself optimistically.
“Of course it’s a terrific view from the penthouse,” interrupts a gravelly-voiced man. “It’s also very
quiet. Don’t let the exterior fool you; that’s just to keep the place inconspicuous. Hi, I’m Larry.” A man in
a yellowish-tweed jacket walks out from the shadow of the building. “Please, come inside. I’ll show you
the penthouse.”
Kat follows him in. “So, how did you know I was looking?” The entry looks better than the outside,
with a polished floor and new carpet smell.
“I specialize in finding places for those in your line of work.” He opens up the elevator, and she steps in.
There’s a strong ammonia smell in the elevator, and she sneezes.
“I apologize for the smell. Just finished some remodeling.”
As the elevator opens, Kat marvels at the penthouse. While cozy, there are a few higher-end amenities
and comforts. Music plays in the background from a surround sound setup as Larry goes on about
the Obsidian SPU, the Drone chef, and the MajorDomo CHN, but something nags her in the back of her
mind. Why is it familiar? Larry shows her the bedroom, talking about the double layer elevator security,
when one of her songs starts playing in the background.
The bedroom is a perfect replica of one of her previous bedrooms. Now she realizes why the place
seems so familiar.
“What’s the deal here, Larry? You a stalker?” she asks, backing out of the bedroom.
He pauses, then looks up at her, smiling, “I’m not a stalker, just a big fan.” Kat hears the elevator
open up.
“My friends downstairs do the stalking for me…”
Kat turns to see pale faces and sharp pointy teeth.
“Ghouls,” she mutters. “The worst kind of neighbors.”


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« Reply #1 on: <05-18-12/2246:54> »
Nah, its just one of the fluff pieces they do at the start of each chapter, to set the tone.
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Oh I see. Too bad, lol.

Thanks anyways!