Amber Chronicles

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« on: <10-20-11/1452:02> »
Has anybody read them? I'm on "The Guns of Avalon", and I think they're fantastic so far! Based he fact that so far, I'm loving Zelazny, and I'm a huge fan of McCaffrey, does anyone have any other authors to recommend? And of course, particular books they've written?
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« Reply #1 on: <10-25-11/1845:42> »
Love Zelazny he was my favorite author when I was in grade school. The Corwin cycle of the Amber chronicles are probably his best work. I would recommend everything from him but if you want just a few suggestions they are; Roadmarks,  Changeling & Madwand, and Lord of Light.

Robert Addams' Horseclans books are mighty good fun and are a light read.

Glen Cook's Black Company books are awesome and changed how authors write fantasy epics.

William C. Dietz has a lot of really good space opera style series including; The McCade series, Drifter series and the Legion of the Dammed.