Caught "Chappie" movie and liked it!

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« on: <03-12-15/1647:44> »
     Got to admit, near-future Johannesburg would resemble 2050 Seattle.  My initial interest to see it was reinforced by the hate-reviews piled on it.  Personally, found it quite emotionally moving and found it amusing that Hugh Jackman played the villain.  Man, the X-men fans hated that! ::)  I could easily see the movie's plot being framed in Shadowrun terms, especially robot drones being used to augment private/public security.  So what does anyone else think?
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« Reply #1 on: <03-12-15/1930:57> »
Very much looking forward to seeing this over the weekend. I'd heard that reviews were negative, but I'm a huge fan of District 9 and Elysium both and Chappie seems to play off of that nicely with the gritty future setting and technology running rampant. I don't quite know what to expect which I always think is a good thing going into a movie, so I'm excited.