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Hello everyone!

I would be honored to have your assistance in doing something special to memorialize a dear friend and fellow CDT Agent, Steven A Tinner, whom we lost a year ago.

One of Tinnerís dreams involved hosting a podcast, which he convinced me to co-host.  The Critical Glitch Shadowrun podcast was the result of this collaboration and I continue recording it because of his inspiration.  Tinner loved talking about gamer stories and I feel we could honor that love through sharing our own gamer stories.  I would love to be able to share a different gamer story each day of the month with the audience and you can make that happen!  The stories donít have to be long, nor even Shadowrun related, just something memorable and enjoyable.

If you have a story, a working mic, an internet connection, and Skype (totally free software), then you meet all the necessary requirements to join in the fun!

If interested, please PM me here so we can schedule a date and time to record your episode.

Thanks in advance for any assistance provided!
Tim Patrick
Co-Host of CriticalGlitch a Shadowrun podcast