Hello All!

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Good morning everybody!

I'm Snow! Yeah, that's my intro, deal with it. :P I've been playing shadowrun in person and online for about 9 years now, 8 of those as a GM (Though just about all of them with 4th ed), nice to meet everyone! I've got more characters than I know what to do with. Annnnnd... I suck at introductions. Anyway. I come here because I look for play-by-post as a player (Not something I get to do too often, sadly.)

And, that's it. My words are expended. I'm off to go reading! Seee ya!

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Hello!  And welcome.  Hopefully you find the community here to be welcoming, friendly, and helpful.  I know I do.
I'm Madpath Moth on reddit (and other sites).  Feel free to PM me errata questions!
Jeeze.  It would almost sound stupid until you realize we're talking about an immortal elf clown sword fighting a dragon ghost in a mall.