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SR4A: Something for Halloween


My team is involved in a Heist right now for an artifact from China: the Jade Dragon.  After that, I thought of taking them through the missions for SR4A.  For an interesting twist, I thought I'd do something for Halloween.  However, I'm at a loss for ideas.  So I thought I'd come here and search the matrix for ideas.

The team is composed of: a Bounty Hunter, a Technomancer, a naked Street Samurai, a naked SURGE changeling, and a conjurer.  So far, the changeling is the muscle of the group, while the Street Sam is quick. A monster hunt is too cliched.

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
Humanitarian Aid is a classic halloween adventure.  It's one of the missions from Sprawl Wilds.

I checked it out on Drivethru.  Thank you, SSDR!

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
You're welcome!  If the adventure is a hit with your players, hit 'em with the sequel!


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