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Parabotany now out! New Awakened plants, compound creation rules, so much more!

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Great news! Looking forward to picking this up later tonight.


Okay, after a full read through, I gotta say I really like this book. I was skeptical at first because of the subject the book covered. "Plants" I thought "really?" but I was pleasantly surprised on my skim of the book and am liking it more on after a complete read. Some of the plants we've seen before but most are new with some just plain fun ones, the Zieba Tree being my favorite, with the Tumblenaut Weed aka the Rumbleweed being a close second.

The book has new items introduced that are made from the various plants in the book, such as a spray from the Metadrake which melts spirits faces off, it's expensive though. There are also rules for creating and mixing compounds along with new ones. Lol at Alice and her intrepid band of Runners.

Lastly, but certainly not least, alcohol and chocolate!   

Indeed! That's one of the things I liked best, having the different types of Tir Tairngir liquor shown.

Oh my! This one is going to be useful a lot in our game!

Now i'm wondering where are some of those other promised things I've seen in Jackpoint pages, like Euro Wars Antiques, Gun Heaven 2, Used Car Lot, and others?


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