Gen Con 2012 Shadowrun Fan Meet & Greet

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« on: <04-18-12/1737:04> »
Ok, we're doing something a little bit different.  This is still pending approval from Gen Con, so plans may change, but... 

This year we submitted the SR Fan Meet & Greet as an actual Gen Con event on Wednesday from 8 PM till 10 PM.

Jason Hardy, myself, and a few others from CGL will be on hand to have a Fan Q&A.  Ask us anything!  We'll try and answer! :)

We will also do some door prizes, and we may have some little games or contests for prizes and gift certificates for the CGL booth!

Afterward, we can head to the Claddagh for our traditional late night drinkathon, or folks can meet up at the Claddagh (or elsewhere if you guys like) before hand for some dinner. 

This will give us a dedicated space and the ability to get everyone together, have a good time, and meet and get to know each other  a bit!

Hope to see you guys there!