Convention Etiquite and Tips

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« Reply #15 on: <07-13-12/1109:19> »
They're not invincible.  If they're stupid and they ignore any GM advice or warnings?  Make them pay for their stupidity.  And if they are doing blatantly stupid things that will get them killed?  Well, kill them and move on.  Because they aren't likely making the game fun for the rest of the players either, and only bringing trouble down on their heads. 

It's a game, but it's a game with consequences for your actions.  Shadowrun is not cuddly and hand-holdy.  The player is NOT always right.  Since they paid for the game, you don't go out of your way to punish them, but if they can't take a hint?  Meh.  Too stupid to live.

Bull talks a hard line....

Should have seen his face the time I killed off two PCs in a Missions game though. :)


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« Reply #16 on: <07-13-12/1437:23> »
As noted above, using your character as an excuse to invade other people's physical space, or handling other people, etc.  Certainly not acceptable, on any level.  That's some b.s. right there.

I am talking about toning down what a character would say or do within the game itself.  I have played with some control freaks at GenCon who like to be in "table command" and use their character to tell other players what do with their characters, and then getting miffed when people RP'ed their characters as their own and didn't "follow orders".  Example:  Player with a Mage character would didn't like killing "other beings", and insisted everyone use shock ammo instead of lethal ammo.  My character told his to "stick it".  Player of Mage character got mad because it was outside his personal ethics, for him and his character.  Result?  I am not going to change my character to suit your code of ethics.  Period.

I have characters who are rude, abrasive, salty language, and even a little obscene, and I am willing to accept the in-character consequences of those in-character actions.  But I also have characters with some moral code, and I do NOT use them to tell other players what to do with their own characters.  I play my character and I expect the same of others, and I don't ask them to tone theirs down.

This is the only one I have an issue with at all.  It's a ROLEPLAYING game, expect people to play their character.  That said, if your character is an a-hole, expect that other player's characters might just shoot you in the face.  That also said, I am not going to "PG rating" down my character for someone else... its a ROLEPLAYING game.
It's important to point out that in-party violence is heavily frowned upon in Missions games.  So being the guy who is an "a-hole" and gets to the point people want to shoot him in the face and can't?  That's kind of a dick move.  It's like being a kid, pulling the "I'm not touching yoooooou!" trick.

Everyone at a convention should have fun.  That's why people are there.  But no one there should be having fun at someone else's expense.  Sometimes you do have to tone a character down, to fit in with a social situation among strangers.  Stuff that'll fly among long-term friends and gamers in a home campaign might not be appropriate or appreciated in a game full of strangers at a convention.


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« Reply #17 on: <07-13-12/1453:28> »
I would also put in one more thing, mainly becasue I had this happen to me way too often this last Origins:

1) Please pay attention and keep unnecessary conversation down. Its hard enough to juggle things on a limited timetable when I have to constantly get someone's attention. Not to mention it's kind of rude. I may not be able to get to you in that exact moment, but give me a few moments.

2) If you need to leave the table for whatever reason, please let me know BEFORE you get up: just don't walk away. In my next to last game at Origins we lost at least twenty minutes of valuable game time becasue three players kept getting up and walking away. I eventually called for a break but DAMN.

3) If you can, please, PLEASE put your phones away and don't text/make calls/whatever. Is it too much to ask that you put four hours aside to pay attention for something YOU paid for?

Just my .0000375 cents
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« Reply #18 on: <07-17-12/1530:25> »
Regarding PC deaths: with my primary Missions character Daelyn (who is a cocky bastard), I personally play him fast, loose, and risky. He routinely jumps into the middle of firefights despite not actually being a gun bunny. Even when he's in his element (driving/rigging/being a face), he uses his car as a battering ram (to great effect!), drives dangerously, hot sims, and isn't afraid to use Intimidation in an openly hostile situation.

He's been through 13 missions, and has 100+ Karma, almost 20 Street Cred, and no Notoriety (at all!), and he's still alive and kicking. In fact, I don't think he's ever taken a single box of physical damage (though he's lost a handful of drones, of course). He has yet to fail any objective in any mission (aside from the obvious ones that are mutually exclusive) and has earned a contact list as long as my arm.

For my money, he could be getting hurt more. In fairness, I don't think the missions are designed with a street racer who uses his armored car as a weapon in mind, so his techniques kind of come out of left field when playing Missions, especially if I haven't played with that GM before. Still, I try to make it clear that I play him dangerously and I know it.

So, in short - when acting as a player, I for one would like more challenge.
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