Homebrew map of the farm for Sprawl Wilds, Manhunt

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« on: <04-25-21/1307:39> »
I ran players through Sprawl Wilds awhile ago.  Like many Shadowrun products, unfortunately, the maps and graphics in the adventure have little to no bearing on the actual adventure.  This isn't a surprise for most Shadowrun GMs, but it does mean you have to come up with a map or two along the way.  I liked how the map I created came out, so I figured I should share it.  Please let me know if a) the map is worth sharing further, and if so b) where I should post it.

The triangles to the left are supposed to be trees.
The things to the right represent the water that is supposed to be to one side of the farm.
The buildings near each entrance are guard shacks.
The big building to the bottom right is the main farm house.
The long building to the right is the barn that has been converted into living quarters and other facilities.
The three squares to the top right are the windmill concrete bases.
The building to the top right is the power facility / machine shop.
The four squares near the fence on the left are the locations of the spot lights.
The remaining buildings are the greenhouses.
The dashed lines show where the ground is road surface (mix of concrete, asphalt and packed dirt.

It might not be readable at the bottom, but the tiny squares are 2m. 

Oh, and for those who poo poo maps, that's fine.  I enjoyed watching my players have to juggle line of site, communications, range issues (your awesome SMG isn't so awesome at long ranges), and the like.   8)


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« Reply #1 on: <07-31-21/0916:17> »
Looks good. I might use this, or else us it as inspiration for my own.