CMP @ Gencon Question about premade characters

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« on: <08-11-14/2024:59> »
Hey guys!  I am new to the forum, shadowrun, SRM and Gencon 2014 will be my first gencon.

My background, I am a 37 year old career IT professional who has played and DMed DnD extensively.  (played 2nd edition, 3rd, 3.5 and currently playing Pathfinder).  I have never played shadowrun before.  I purchased the Shadowrun 5th Edition Hardback Core Rule Book.

I managed to get into two Shadowrun Missions at Gencon, CMP 2010-05 and 2014-02.  Both of them indicated they were Shadowrun 5th Edition and "some" experience with the rules would be acceptable.  I have been trying to study the rules as much as possible.

My question:  For my "Community Mission Pack" event, can run one of the characters in the "character archetypes" section of the book starting on page 112?  If so can you guys suggest one that would be good for a newbie at a con? 


P.S.  If I can use one of those characters should I just print a blank character record sheet and pencil in the info or are there some PDFs floating around that are already filled out for these characters.  (Sorry I am just really used to Pathfinder and PFS play)


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« Reply #1 on: <08-11-14/2034:40> »
Pre-gens will likely be available at the event. The sample characters in the book aren't Mission Legal game characters.   If you want to build a character first, generics can maybe get you into a Welcome to the Sixth World.  Otherwise, you should be able to find a link on this site-can't get right now for you-that describes the elements that are not Mission Legal.
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« Reply #2 on: <08-11-14/2224:19> »
The Agents will have modified versions of (i think) all the pregens available.  They've been rebuiilt to make sure they're actually by the book (SOme of the Archetypes were made using an earlier Chargen build and slipped through, so some are underpowered, some are overpowered, and some have qualities that aren't Missions Legal.