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Rules and such / Re: Does alchemy suck?
« Last post by Mirikon on Today at 00:21:33 »
What sets the duration of a preparation?
If you use one for a sustained spell, how long does the spell stay up?
The spell lasts for [Potency] minutes. If it is for a Permanent spell, it lasts until permanent. So an Increase Reflexes preparation will last [Potency] minutes. A Heal preparation will sustain the effect until it becomes permanent. Not eating those -2 sustaining penalties is one of the big boons of Alchemy.
Rules and such / Re: Does alchemy suck?
« Last post by Chalkarts on (23:50:51/09-19-18) »
What sets the duration of a preparation?
If you use one for a sustained spell, how long does the spell stay up?
Work in Progress

Type: Resonant
Themes: VR, Dreaming, Escapism
Description: Dreamscapers perceive the Matrix as constant, digital dream landscape and try to embrace that aspect of it to the fullest.
Benefits:  -2 Fading when in VR, gain the +2 Dice Pool Bonus for Hot-Sim VR on Resonance Actions as well.
Deamon: Deep Dream. Can use VR while sleeping or unconscious, Bonus in Foundations.
Complex Form: ?

My first thought about the Dreamscapers was that they somehow were connected to the One Hundred in one form or another, so they interpret the new Matrix very much exactly like the One Hundred formed it. So my idea for the Complex Form would be like a stronger Resonance Veil. Instead of letting "the target believe something has happened" in the Matrix, something actually happened. The Fade would be fairly high, of course, and with that you could i.e. have a device lose it's wireless functions, have a car accelerate past GridGuide guidelines, because for this device they have been changed or something like that.

I dunno, just the first thought that crossed my mind.
Play-by-Post / Re: The Found Arcana IC
« Last post by Tecumseh on (18:28:56/09-19-18) »
Mato stares impassively as the devil rat attacks the cat. There's a shred of his humanity that suggests intervening - that identifies the cat as a potentially domesticated companion, while the pale, hairless devil rat is clearly an abomination - but Mato has long since grown impassive to such considerations. Looking away, he continues toward the current objective.

Taking the fire escape, Mato heads up to the fourth floor balcony and then makes his way down to the middle unit, scanning the neighboring units with his radar sensor as he goes.

<<Maglock>> Mato reports when he gets to the door. <<I know this model. Give me 10 seconds.>>

AM, detecting a wireless signal, bids him to wait. Mato does so, taking the opportunity to take his ballistic mask from his jacket and place it over his face. He then removes one of the soy-Salisbury steaks from its packaging, holding the questionable lump of non-meat away from his boots as it drips gravy onto the balcony.

"Dinnertime," Mato sings through the door, waiting for the lock to pop open so that he can chuck the stuffer into the room.

Previous Editions / Re: [SR3] Cannon Companion Contradiction
« Last post by Abider on (17:57:26/09-19-18) »
You need 2 maneuvers to get rank 5, unless itís Brawl.  Youíre only allowed to get the second maneuver at rank 4.
General Discussion / Re: Where I have been
« Last post by Stainless Steel Devil Rat on (16:59:33/09-19-18) »
There, but for the grace of God, go any of us.

I hope you get your feet back under you soon and this all just becomes something you overcame.
General Discussion / Re: Where I have been
« Last post by PiXeL01 on (16:49:21/09-19-18) »
Stay safe and remember you are never truly alone. Asking for help is never shameful.
Previous Editions / [SR3] Cannon Companion Contradiction
« Last post by Shadowryuu on (16:29:12/09-19-18) »
 I need a ruling. In the shadow run companion book pg 90 under maneuvers there is a contradiction. Paragraph three states that before a martial art skill can be advanced to an even number you have to purchase and learn a maneuver.

However the example in paragraph four states that if at character creation you purchase a martial arts at skill level 4 that you have to purchase at least one maneuver / max two.

To me that's contradictory to the previous paragraph as you are at an even skill level so you should be forced to buy a second maneuver before you can purchase level 4.

I just wanted to get your opinion as i will have a starting martial arts at 6 and thus need to know if i have to buy three maneuvers or if i only have to buy two but can not advance the skill until i buy another maneuver
General Discussion / Re: Where I have been
« Last post by PingGuy on (15:25:17/09-19-18) »
I'm new around here but I've enjoyed reading your posts as I go through the older threads.  I hope you are able to get into the new place soon.  You will feel much better at that point.  Couldn't give much at this time, but I hope every little bit helps.
Play-by-Post / Re: bnc's basement
« Last post by gilga on (15:25:14/09-19-18) »
Anna starts with her second skin, which gives her skin a shade of extra natural paleness as would be expected from a vampire, she also throws a bunch of thematic goth-themed tattoos on her hands, back, and shoulders. Mainly a sizeable horned daemon on her left arm and a spider web with a skull on her right. She adds fake fangs, to complete the look and then slips some beautiful black lacy undergarments. She invests much attention in these, perhaps hinting her plans for the rest of the night. Finally, she puts on a simple black dress with a generous cleavage.  Once dressed, she makes an effort for her face to match the general vibe she tried to achieve with her body as mistress of the night.

"You should show me that spider thing, it is cool... " She comments, and asks "How do I look?"
After a short pause, she adds "I got a surprise for you!" with excitement.  In response Anna pulls out the Blood mage's ring and tosses it to bnc, "Recognize it from somewhere?"  she asks.

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