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Title: Sensors
Post by: Koshnek on <11-10-13/1211:29>
I picked up 4 single sensors for a helmet I put trodes in, and I was wondering if you can use Perception [rating] with sensors? The wording is both MAY use Electronic Warefare and MAY use Rating as limit in place of Perception and Physical. Or is it more you may use Perception [Physical] OR EW [Rating]?

Also, would Visual specialization work for ultrasound sensor? Or would you need to use EW with sensors specialization to get any specialization bonus. To me, sensor data would be perceived visually (except audio sensors), so I think visual would would work for ultrasound. With an image link, you could basically replace your sight with ultrasound, eh?
Title: Re: Sensors
Post by: Csjarrat on <11-10-13/1538:24>
you're into gray areas with this really.
You can use either perception or ewarfare to perceive with sensors.
You'd need some kind of wireles//DNI connection to use them naturally or an image link to display their output.
some of them are going to work more intuitively than others, ie camera sensor mounted in helmet displays on the helmet's image link; no problem. Visual specialisation is pretty applicable here. Now an ultrasound, is using sound waves to create a sonic map of reflectivity of your surroundings. this is then digitised, rendered and displayed back to you on an image link, so i wouldnt say that visual spec helps here, i'd go with ewar and sensor ops as the applicable setup.