[IC] Underworld 93 - Mach 2073

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>>>>>[That's not fair.  For some of us, bullshitting groups of quasi-strangers is like doing rattle battle drills, picking bar fights, performing minor acts of virtual vandalism, or practicing kata.  We do what we have to do to stay sharp, or we get killed by someone who did.

Besides, telling tall tales is a time honored tradition.  It's all the more fun when you can bullshit a room full of people that includes someone who was actually there.]<<<<<
--Vice (10:08:22/7-31-73)


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« Reply #91 on: <07-31-11/1837:28> »
>>>>>[I hate to say it but Vice is right with this one. We all embellish our own exploits or those of the people we know, and we all know how good a laugh you have when you or one of your team mates has the whole crowd eating out of their hands with some story that is well embellished while you know the truth. Its kinda like the tales of Billy the kid from the old west, how many men did he actually shoot himself, three that we are absolutely certain of, however he is credited with 22 kills. Bears thinking on doesn't it.]<<<<<
--Wolfgar (17:28:35/7-31-73)

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« Reply #92 on: <09-28-11/0930:19> »
>>>>>[At effing last.
Anyone got info on damage in the Underground?  My sister has been living there for some years, and twitchiness has skyrocketed enough that even family aren't getting a pass in. Plus, someone has been harassing Knutson’s Country Home patrons and staff - so far it looks like the money trail goes back to Damian's (yeah, I know - restaurant rivalries, but got bills to pay).]<<<<<
--Longshot (20:47:11/7-31-73)