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Title: [6e]Autosofts
Post by: MercilessMing on <04-22-21/1621:54>
Is there an official ruling on what Autosofts are device-specific and which are general purpose?  Based on CRB wording I would rule:
Clearsight: general
E-War: general
Evasion: general, even though device-specific would make sense, the description doesn't mention it
Maneuvering: device (drone)
Stealth: device (drone)
Targeting: device (weapon)
Title: Re: [6e]Autosofts
Post by: Stainless Steel Devil Rat on <04-23-21/1030:31>
Well... it seems fairly cut and dry to me.  Maneuvering, Stealth, Targeting all use "specific drone/weapon" language.  Clearsight, EW, and evasion do not.

I could see treating Evasion as being drone-specific as a reasonable house rule/adjudication.  Personally I've got a soft spot for riggers, and Autosofts are already expensive enough as is. Note that unless you're sharing an Autosoft from a RCC, you have to re-buy the same Autosoft anyway over and over, drone by drone.  Having to re-buy some very combat relevant Autosofts on top of when you simply change out a destroyed X model for a destroyed Y model adds some un-fun book-keeping to playing a rigger. Therefore I'd prefer to go the other way... make Targeting be the only Autosoft that's device specific.
Title: Re: [6e]Autosofts
Post by: MercilessMing on <04-23-21/1150:58>
Ok, thanks.  The Genesis character creator doesn't treat any autosofts except Targeting as device-specific so it's important for their sake to get an official word.