SR5: What are your current campaign's themes/style?

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Artemis Entreri

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« on: <11-01-21/1155:58> »
Hey! Just lurking nowadays, but the urge to jump back to some SR5 action is almost unbearable, so... XD

In the meanwhile, share your campaigns! Themes? Are you playing action intensive chronicles or are you leaning more towards investigation/intrigue?

Grabbing ideas around with my future players, so telle me! 🤟

We will probably focus on social/hacking intensive stuff, once we'll be set to go!


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« Reply #1 on: <11-10-21/0034:46> »

Currently, my group is playing 3e :P We felt the need to go back to the system that we had the most fun with for a fair bit of nostalgia gaming...

breaking from tradition, we are going full on Pink Mohawk... And I mean PINK,  4 foot spiked Mohawk...

So far, I think, the fire in the barrens has gone out after consuming 6 city blocks. And us stealing the fire truck that showed up so we could use the ladder to break into the 4th floor of a corp building without setting off the ground motion sensors. Too bad we forgot that the cops might not like us borrowing a fire truck from an active fire scene...
Where am I going? And why am I in a hand basket ???

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« Reply #2 on: <11-10-21/1728:11> »
My group is quite the opposite. They agreed up-front that they'd all take the Stealth skill, so the entire group could sneak, and not just one of them. As a result, they've ended up more subtle than I've ever seen these players in any group (we've played for decades, and tend to resort to violence when we get in trouble). They make detailed plans, they do their legwork, we've got some very dark mirror shades and trench coats.

Well, dark... they're goodie two-shoes. We're mostly following the SRM 4 missions about the Orc Underground, with lots of other missions thrown in the mix. As a result, their moral decisions tend to be between helping oppressed orcs against racists, or helping the police arrest corrupt people, and so far they strongly tend to side with ORC. They've also discovered the benefits of non-lethal violence. Of course they still break the law a lot, but quite often for good causes (but also still money, of course).


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« Reply #3 on: <11-12-21/1233:48> »
I'm between Shadowrun games at the moment while another player takes a turn behind the screen and runs D&D, but my last campaign was very Leverage-inspired, heavy on cons and social manipulation, with (preferably non-lethal) violence as a fallback option.