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« on: <08-23-19/1250:00> »
Uh, there are few places to find RPG table top, where i live. Someone once introduced me into shadowrun years ago. Once there was a class, streetshaman. Or am i mistaken? Does it still exist?

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« Reply #1 on: <08-23-19/1327:43> »
Street Shaman is an archetype, and Shaman one of the default magic traditions, yes.
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Shadowrun is a classless-type of system. You can pick and choose options that will build you into a Street Shaman, or a Corporate Assassin, or a Wizkid Decker. Or any combination of the three I mentioned.


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« Reply #3 on: <08-26-19/0015:56> »
Welcome to the forums!  FastJack pretty much covered it, you can make whatever you want in the game (within reason, we typically leave the "God Characters" to Great Dragons and those who pick fights with them.).

Street Shamans are an urban alternative to the standard "Shaman" that people think of when they hear the word.  Rather than out in the woods, on spirit quests, they go urban exploring instead, seeing the disused and unused spaces.  They both typically have a "tribe", but Street Shamans have gutterpunks squatting in derelict old buildings.  Their fetishes are made from bits of wire and used car parts or broken bits of CDs/DVDs/Optical Discs.

They follow Totems (Mentors are another name for them) that connect to a city.  These can be animals, like Dog, Rat, Pigeon.  These can be ideals, like Community, Buildings (Hearth Spirits), Roads.  Street Shamans that follow the paths and sing the songs of Bike and Car are likely to be expert Street Racers.

The limit is your imagination and whatever your Game Master will allow, or that you will allow if you're the GM.

Feel free to ask any further questions here, we're a friendly bunch for the most part.  Private message is also an option if you're the shy type, too.   ;D
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« Reply #4 on: <05-23-21/0242:51> »
Re: Street Shamans

Are expansions of negative ideals like Drug Addiction, Mugger, Homelessness, or Pickpocket recognized spirits or do they fall under subsets of Spirits of Man?