The Dark Matrix

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ShadowRun Ops: Darknet Matrix

The Matrix was the most successful system ever created in the world. But the problem is that it is public and subject to surveillance and cyber attacks. To keep the invasive corporations and governments from spying on the population, the Guild of Technomancers and Telecomix have developed and deployed the Dark Matrix. This is the same as the Matrix only it exists solely in Cipherspace. After connecting the Matrix to the Outernet this project started active development.

This consists of a decentralized P2P Matrix Network of independently run servers, mainframes, routers, and other hosts. It is not connected to the mainstream or public Matrix. It is entirely isolated except for a few Gateway Nodes that are kept heavily guarded. Also because the Dark Matrix is completely distributed there is no need for a MSP. Rather it uses a P2P MSP type system.

Here are a few of the programs available. All of these programs are FREE! >>

Telecomix Decentralized Matrix Service Provider or DMSP >> Largest of them all.
Peer 2 Peer Matrix Service Provider or P2PMSP >> Second largest.
FreeMSP >> Third Largest.

The following Cipherspace protocols have been converted to be used in the Dark Matrix >>
AnonNet Anonymous Network >> AnonMat Anonymous Matrix
I2P Invisible Internet Project >> IMP Invisible Matrix Project
Tor The Onion Router >> Torm The Onion Routed Matrix >> Enhanced with Sphinx
Freenet >> Freemat

The following Cipherspace protocols are not converted yet.
Shadow Walker

Accessing the Dark Matrix requires you to install the appropriate Cipherspace Protocol Software or the Nodes simply cannot be accessed. Then it requires you to install a decentralized MSP client. Load and install them into your Cyberterminal then configure the system by generating your self-signed Access Code. Once done you can access the Dark Matrix for FREE! A encrypted, decentralized, and totally anonymous Matrix.

From there it is almost impossible to spy or censor you.

It seems that many of the major MSPs are wondering why there is a sudden drop in the number of Deckers in the Matrix. It is because of the Dark Matrix. These people use it because it is free and it is ultra secure and anonymous. What do they think of the Dark Matrix? They think it is a threat to their business modal and that it is a tool for illegal activities. Well that is an unfortunate side effect of Crypto Anarchy. DEAL WITH IT!

Quite frankly they should be grateful that the number of illegal users is dropping. Besides they are clueless on how to enter the Dark Matrix.


Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau-Decentralized Security Service
Dark Matrix DMSP Anonymity Measures.

The clearnet matrix uses Access Codes to track and identify users and data trails are left behind making it easy to track people. So we need to figure out a way to eliminate this security threat. But we still need a way to be able to identify each other to communicate. So we need to figure out how to balance this measure out.

We could use Asymmetrical Encryption. I figure that we can use the latest version of the TCMB Crypto Lib and implement them into DMSP. I suggest that we use SHA3-512 with NTRU Encryption and Dilithium DSS with SHA3-512 to create self signed certificates for all the nodes on DMSP as well as the Telecomix Certificate Authority.

Each user can generate a Dilithium DSS Public and Private Key Pair to serve as their DMSP Access Code so to speak. And make it changeable in the event that it is compromised. Dilithium is a Quantum Resistent Digital Signature Scheme that also has a Zero Knowledge Proof. This makes it perfect for generating an Access Code that can be verified without compromising anonymity.

The Zero Knowledge Proof means the algorithm can be used to prove that a user knows the private key without revealing any information other then the fact that the user knows the private key.

Since Dilithium is a Digital Signature Scheme, another key pair will need to be generated by the user for encryption and decryption of data. This can be done with NTRU. The Frodo KEM will be used to exchange symmetric keys for encryption if a hybrid encryption scheme is required for efficency and to generate shared secret keys between nodes.

Due to the key differences in AnonMat, IMP, TorM, and Freemat protocols, they all use a different type of cryptographic identifier and crypto scheme. This should not be messed with and can act as an additional layer of anonymity. Since DMSP Access Codes will simply be unique identifiers to users of the Dark Matrix, the appropriate protocol software will still need to be installed in your cyber terminal. IPv9 (IP version 9) uses base/Radix64 addresses and has over 60659x10^googolplex addresses.

So as it stands the PKI Infrastructure for DMSP is as follows >>
Telecomix Certification Authority for centralized trusted certs.
Self-Signed Certs to remain anonymous.
Certs have SHA3-512 with NTRU Encryption and Dilithium DSS with SHA3-512.
Frodo KEM for symmetric key exchange.
SSL, TLS, IPsec, and other encrypted transport protocols are supported.

Some of the Approved CipherSuites used in the Dark Matrix:

TLS = Transport Layer Security
SHA3 = Secure Hash Algorithm 3
CBC = Cipher Block Chaining
RSA = Rahl Sanguine Algorithm
FKEM = Frodo KEM
KEM = Key Encapsulation Mechanism
DILITH = Dilithium Digital Signature Scheme

CipherSuite TLS_FKEM_NTRU_DILITH_WITH_DRAGON_256_SHA3 = { 0x00, 0x61 }
CipherSuite TLS_FKEM_NTRU_DILITH_WITH_ANUBIS_320_CBC_SHA3 = { 0x00, 0x62 }
CipherSuite TLS_FKEM_NTRU_DILITH_WITH_KHAZAD_128_EDE_CBC_SHA3 = { 0x00, 0x63 }
CipherSuite TLS_FKEM_NTRU_DILITH_WITH_LOKI97_256_CBC_SHA3 = { 0x00, 0x64 }
CipherSuite TLS_FKEM_NTRU_pqRSAsign_WITH_DRAGON_256_SHA3 = { 0x00, 0x65 }
CipherSuite TLS_FKEM_NTRU_pqRSAsign_WITH_ANUBIS_320_CBC_SHA3 = { 0x00, 0x66 }
CipherSuite TLS_FKEM_NTRU_pqRSAsign_WITH_KHAZAD_128_EDE_CBC_SHA3 = { 0x00, 0x67 }
CipherSuite TLS_FKEM_NTRU_pqRSAsign_WITH_LOKI97_256_CBC_SHA3 = { 0x00, 0x68 }